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Do Your Dance
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"Do Your Dance" Lyrics
Christian Artist - William Murphy
Album- All Day

Do Your Dance
by Marvin Sapp
Written by Paul D. Allen and James Moss
from CD: Nothing Else Matters
I've been saved all my life
Doesnt' mean that there's no fight
In the midst I think about my victory
Because I know he'll deliver from misery
His eye is on the sparrow
How could he forget about me
The rod and staff shall comfort me
He will hide me from my enemies
Do your dance, make your body talk
Praise him for the right to move
Clap your hands in your mighty walk
It ain't easy but it's needed
Do your dance as you shout about it
Thank him for your victory
Clap your hands as you cry about it
Through the night- trust Christ
I pray to stay in his sight
And I say protect me from the dark night
There's no caretaker like the Lord our God
Have I gotta witness just to say-
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
His eye is on the sparrow
How coud he forget about me
Thy rod and staff shall comfort me
He will hide me from my enemies
(Repeat Chorus)

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