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Jesus Is Lord
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"Jesus Is Lord" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Richard Smallwood
Album- Healing: Live In Detroit

They're gonna know that it's true
There were so many people who have walked this earth
Thinkin that they know the truth
So they often crititize the way I believe
And they say "Tell me, tell me where is your proof?"
I tell them Jesus was wounded for my transgressions
He was bruised for my iniquities
They're gonna know that it's true
He walked upon the water, oh yes He did
And this same Jesus calmed the raging sea
He healed a man that was lame one day, oh yes He did
And from sinking sand He lifted me
But He was wounded for my transgressions
And He was buised for my iniquites
They're gonna know that it's true
Jesus, He was sent from the Father
Jesus, the great Messiah
Jesus, He's bread for the hungry
Jesus, and He's water for the thirsty
Jesus, oh, just like He said
Ever knee shall bow, every tongue confess
That Jesus is Lord, that Jesus is Lord

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