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I Will Follow Christ
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"I Will Follow Christ" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Richard Smallwood
Album- Healing: Live In Detroit

the twelve of you walked on the earth together
the father was a brother to you all
the teaching that you heard was the living word
the wonders and the miracles you saw
there were times of awesome inspiration
there were times you didn't understand
when He had to go and you felt alone
it must have been so hard to see His plan
I think about the way you carried on
in the face of persecution you stood strong
I will follow Christ
I will run the race
fighting the good fight
standing on my faith
I will hear the name of Jesus
I will give Him all my life
as for me no matter what the sacrifice
I will follow Christ
I don't have to look across the ages
His voice is speaking in my heart today
His word is like a flame consuming all my shame
His life a shining star to show the way
- Chorus -
I behold your life and see the man you want me to become
living like someone who belongs to the kingdom
that was sealed on calvary
I will show the world what I believe
- Chorus -

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