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Hear My Cry
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"Hear My Cry" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Richard Smallwood
Album- Healing: Live In Detroit

Hear My Cry
by Fred Hammond & Radical For Christ
from CD: The Inner Court
Verse 1
Hear my cry Oh Lord
Attend unto my earnest prayers
From the ends of the earth floor
Hear my cry unto thee
When my enemies encamped about me
They stumbled and fell
Within in my heart
I will cry out
To the Lord for help
Hear my cry
Hear my cry Oh Lord
Attend unto my earnest prayers
Rescue me Lord Jesus
And take away my every fear
(Heavenly Father,Heavenly Father,
I lift my hands to you)
Verse 2
In darkest hours
Of affliction
My faith will not be moved
When the storms rage
And the winds blow
Beneath your wings
I will hide
In the shadow
Of the Almighty
My soul will surely abide
Hear my cry
Hear my cry Oh Lord
Attend unto my earnest prayers
Rescue me Lord Jesus
And take away my every fear
Hear my cry Oh Lord
Give ear unto my earnest prayer
Strengthen me
King Jesus
Holy Spirit draw me near
Ad Libs
Rescue me Lord
Uphold me
Vindicate me
Rescue me and strengthen me Lord
Holy,Holy,Holy Spirit
Don't leave me
Renew me
Remember me
Reassemble me Lord
My heart is in my hands
And I give it you
Help me Lord (3x)
I cry for our children Lord
I cry for our families Lord
And our nations
And our cities
And our leaders
On their behalf
We cry unto
Hear my cry
Oh Lord
Down on our knees
Begging you please (2x)
Rescue us
Lord Jesus, take away our every fear
Our Pastors Lord (2x)
We pray for our shepards right now
We're down on our knees
Begging you please (2X)
Lord hear our prayer

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