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Face To Face
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"Face To Face" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Fred Hammond
Album- Speak Those Things:POL Chapter 3

The moments pass
And the seasons come and go
One day we're young
And then we're old
The scenes of life
Show the changes through the years
With memories my heart will always hold
And the thoughts of yesterday
Speak to me and say
That time was made to bring us close
To the one we love the most
Right now we praise him from our heart
Soon we'll praise him face to face
Though we sit in heavenly places
With his mercy and his grace
But the greatest joy will come
When his beauty I embrace
Right now we praise him from our heart
Soon we'll praise him face to face
There's many times
I try to picture in my mind
What heaven's like
And what we're going to find
Clouds appear like a message from on high
The misty view
Speaks to my darkened eyes
You could never see it all
In a painting on the wall
Cause nothing down here will compare
When we behold him over there

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