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I Want To See
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"I Want To See" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Reed Temple Mass Choir
Album- Now is the time

Words by Ray Boltz, Music by Steve Millikan
He sat in the darkness
At the edge of the road
He heard the crowd passing by
But he couldn't go
So he started crying
Like a child at the door
When they tried to quiet him
He shouted it more
I want to see
Free me from this darkness
Sweeping over me
I want to see
Son of David, have mercy on me
Now his heart was trembling
Could this really be true?
A voice in the darkness said,
What do you want Me to do?
Eyes opened in a moment of grace
Light filled the skies
One touch
And he sees the face of life
Now I'm like that blind man
Who lived long ago
I want to see Jesus
And I just don't care who knows
1992 Word Music (a div. of Word, Inc.), Shepherd Boy Music (adm. by Word, Inc.) and Weedom & Reap/ASCAP. International copyright secured. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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