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He Will Remember Me
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"He Will Remember Me" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Reed Temple Mass Choir
Album- Now is the time

He Will Remember Me
(written by E.M. Bartlett)
Verse 1
When on the cross of Calvary, the Lord was crucified;
the mob stood 'round Him and mocked until He died.
Two thieves were nailed beside Him to share the agony,
but one of them cried out to Him, O Lord remember me.
Will the Lord remember me when I am called to go'
When I have crossed death's chilly sea, will He His love there show'
O yes, He heard my feeble cries, from bondage set me free,
and when I reach the pearly gates He will remember me.
Verse 2
O, what a shame to kill Him there on that rugged cross;
but such a death was needed to rescue all the lost.
His blood made a ransom to set the captives free,
I know that I'm included and He will remember me.
Verse 3
At His dear feet I'm kneeling, my sins I now confess;
I bow in deep repentance, my soul He'll surely bless.
My blinded eyes He opens so that the light I see,
and when I reach the pearly gates, He will remember me.

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