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"Twilight" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Clark Sisters
Album- Heart & Soul

Words and music by Shaun Groves
Like the sky before the dawn
While the night is holding on
Sun and moon together in the gray
So my soul is shared by two
The worst of me, the best of you
Saint and sinner mingle in my veins
And I pray you'll end this twilight
Twilight, twilight
I'm torn inside my soul tonight
The dawning day, the dying night
Oh rid my soul of twilight
Oh rid my soul of twilight
Good I love but evil's done
Good intentions come undone
Good to know I know the One
Who saves me from myself and
Oh Lord, paint my heart a solid hue
The shade of you
Oh Lord, break this dreadful in between
Inside of me
Oh let it be, morning
I know the sun is coming up
Oh, the sun is coming up
Yes, the sun is coming up
In me, in me
Story Behind The Song:
It's almost impossible, and often seems silly, to try cramming good theology into a simple three-minute pop song. Sometimes I give up trying. That was the case when I read Romans 7 & 8, in which Paul confesses that he's torn between what he should do and what he shouldn't. He admits that he often does what he shouldn't and doesn't do what he should. One evening when my two year-old daughter looked at the sky and told me the sun and moon were both "on," it dawned on me how to condense two chapters of Scripture into a tiny pop song - and still make sense... I hope. (Romans 7&8)
2003 New Spring Publishing, Inc./ASCAP (all rights administered by Brentwood-Benson Music Publishing, Inc.)

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