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"Unite" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Clark Sisters
Album- Heart & Soul

Words and Music by Phillip LaRue and Natalie LaRue
I feel the tension in our lives
We're waiting for the Son to rise
I feel the closing of this time
God is calling for His bride
And she will unite in our lives
As we fall in love with Christ
Yes we will unite in this time
If we're bold enough to say
Now we stand together
Singing praises of surrender
Lord, heal our hearts and make us one
We are the ones who will proclaim
The power of God upon this age
And we will unite in our lives
As we fall in love with Christ
Yes, we will unite in this time
If we're bold enough to say
Heal our hearts and make us one
Heal our hearts and make us one
Make us one
Make us one
"Just as Paul wrote to the Corinthians, stop your fighting and focus on what matters, so this song sums up our heart for the Church. What's the foundation that makes us believer's in Christ? Because I feel like we're joints everywhere. Ultimately what matters is that we believe in God and believe that Jesus is the only way to heaven. How are we supposed to minister to the world and intrigue the outside with the perspective of what is means to be a Christian when we are fighting among ourselves? We need to love each other and not contradict each other. We need to focus on what matters as the Church so we become more united and can minister to the outside world."-Phillip "There is a desire in Phillip and I to see Christ's Body, unite together. The only ways that's going to happen is when we meet each other on the basis that we are all saved by Jesus. We all are in pursuit of Him." -Natalie

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