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OK To Cry
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"OK To Cry" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Clark Sisters
Album- Heart & Soul

Words and Music by
Phillip LaRue and Natalie LaRue
God will save you, boy
You just have to believe
That beautiful things will come
From broken times
Just like these, just like these
God could save you, girl
In this desert time of need
Just lay your ashes down
In hope of what you'll receive, you'll receive
And it's OK to cry, it's OK to Cry
It's OK to wonder
And as your tears fall down,
They heal the ground
A place that once was dry
It's Ok to Cry
God will save us now
Let His presence bring us peace
Lay your burdens down
Let them fall His feet
The fears are great in your mind
Your heart just aches for a sign
But there is hope and there is grace
In these gray skies
It's OK to cry
"As I went through the Larium incident, I kept asking, why me, why did this happen? Here I am the leader on a missions trip: I was the one scheduled to give the main last devotion, and this whole situation completely breaks me. One day last fall I was walking around the house, I looked in a mirror and I sang the first verse to myself. I hear Natalie singing the words as if to herself but I can also hear her singing them to everyone listening."-Phillip
"There can be hope in falling apart. There is peace and hope in realizing you are weak. It's then you realize. God saves you in spite of yourself." -Natalie

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OK To Cry
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