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"Reaching" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Clark Sisters
Album- Heart & Soul

Words and Music by Phillip LaRue, Natalie LaRue and Monroe Jones
I was built afraid
I share the blame
I was born with these inconsistencies
You made me come alive
I can feel You inside
Your love's like a pained sky
Overwhelms me every time
And I'm reaching for You
Arms stretched towards You
All these things I bring
And You pursue me
And I surrender
Take, Lord, what You see
Whatever the cost
I gained everything in loss
In the greatness of Your love
I compels me to give it up
In the light of what I see
There is nothing good in me
"This is a song about not being complete. Everything in our lives-every circumstance and situation-becomes a stepping stone. The circumstances in our lives are not final results but means to higher purpose. 'Reaching' came from the thought that we are striving for the higher purpose. A.W. Tozer says, 'I can do no more justice to the awesome wonder-filled theme called love than a child can grasp a star. Still by reaching toward the star the child may call attention to it and even indicate the direction one might look to see it. So, as I stretch my heart toward the high, shining love of God, someone who has not before known about it may be encouraged to look up and have hope.' Phillip and I know that we have not come to any conclusions ourselves and we cannot ask people to look to us for answers." -Natalie

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