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A City
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"A City" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Fred Hammond
Album- Free to Worship

A City
Written by Timothy Stratton
There is a city that
I want to go to
And when I get there
I want to see my Master's face
I'm going to thank Him
For protecting me
Out of the hands of mine enemy
Heaven is a beautiful place
And you don't want
To miss that journey
Up up up and away
Through the clouds
We'll go bursting through the air
I will soar so high
I'm going to pass
Through space and the galaxies
Oh what a day that's going to be
I want to fly away
On that Heavenly flight
I want to see the streets
That are paved with gold
I've got to see the gates
Made of pearls
Oh what a day that's going to be
That's why I've got to make it
To that place that's been
Prepared for me
That's why I've got to make it
Heaven is where
I'll spend eternity
Oh what a day that's going to be
Got to make it

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