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Center Of The World
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"Center Of The World" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Kierra Sheard
Album- This Is Me

She took the money she stole the car keys / Told off the junkie at the liquor store / Once again she said she got it / But she just don't get it / Got my arms wide open like I've done before / A thousand times before
And I can't sleep tonight / Not knowing if you're alright
Chorus: And she has got to be the life of everything / And she's got nothing left but still she goes / Do you ever know / I am waiting and it's so frustrating / 'Cause you're never quite a happy girl / Your the center of the world
And if there's one thing / One thing that scares me / It's that I tend to see myself in you / Don't see the picture my head's a blister / I live in slo-mo ' cause I like the view
And she steals beauty from the face of sincerity / She takes everything / She is not much more than just another pretty face
And still no peace awaits . . .
(Lyrics: Ryan McAllister; Music: Ryan McAllister/Scott Rogers) 2003 Ryan McAllister (SOCAN)/Scott Rogers (SOCAN)

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