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Angel In Disguise
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"Angel In Disguise" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Kierra Sheard
Album- This Is Me

Friday morning when she walked out the door
She couldn't take anymore and so she tried to ignore
Her daddy he wanted to settle the score
From all the little meetings they had had before
All the secrets started taking their toll
Making daddy more bold, but it was bruising her soul
He didn't know that she had already told
Her mother already knows and now the drama unfolds
As she says
My, you're my angel in disguise
You look at me with patient eyes
My, you're my angel in disguise
You saved my from that one last cry
It's Friday evening and he's at it again
Another hour and then all the pressure begins
The phone keeps ringing so he finally gives in
To hear the voice of his wife asking where have you been
He tells her I'll be home as soon as I can
So tuck the kids into bed ‘cause time has slipped through my hands
A pause and then she says she loves him again
Then it finally sets in that she's always been
It's Friday morning and she walked through the door
All of those thoughts from before she no longer ignored
She's finally home she set her bags on the floor
But her mother wasn't there to hold her hand anymore
She heard her daddy he was calling her name
She went back to his room but he wasn't the same
He said I'm sorry for the tears that you've cried
Will you ever forgive me she said I've already tried, as he said

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