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Half A Million Reasons
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"Half A Million Reasons" Lyrics
Christian Artist - New Direction
Album- Unknown

Carolyn Arends & Connie Harrington
What's the matter with this world?
Why does everything have to be so hard?
What's the point in even getting out of bed
In the morning?
I can think of
A half a million reasons
You should get up
Even when you're thinking
No one cares and what's the use
Why would anyone need you
Well I can think of half a million reasons
Who else would know just when to call?
When to lend a shoulder, when to give me a shove?
Why does it always feel so good to see your face
In my doorway?
I can think of...
There's still a lot of things in life for you
Faith is one and hope is two
Love should count for three or four
And if you've got time for more
I can think of
A half a million reasons
You should get up
Even when you're thinking
No one cares and what's the use
Why does anyone need you
I do, and that's the truth
And I can think of half a million reasons
Faith is what I hope for you
Love is gonna get you through
And if I'm not convincing you
I can think of a half a million reasons
C 2004 Carolyn Arends Music (SOCAN)/EMI April Music, Inc./Little Cricket Music(ASCAP)
About the Song
The lone co-write on the record -- this song was written with my good friend (and longstanding collaborator) Connie Harrington. We've both had those "Why am I here again?" kind of days, and we've both had the opportunity to remind each other all the reasons why life is good and we should be getting on with living it. I'm glad I wrote it with her, because she is musically adventurous enough to truly get excited that this is the first track I've recorded that features (a) harpsichord, (b) ukulele, and (c) harpsichord and ukulele together!

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