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Change My Heart
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"Change My Heart" Lyrics
Artist - The Fighting Temptations
Album- The Motion Picture Soundtrack "The Fighting Tempations"
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oh God protect me from myself
my fearful, weary soul
it wants to hold on
when all i want is to let go
oh God protect me from myself
my hand and wandering heart
it speeds toward the wrong
when all i want to do is start
not to do that anymore
i don't want to do that anymore
change my heart oh God
from the sinful state it's in
to the state you want it in
i want to please you
change my heart oh God
how do i escape from sin
my old self loves to do it
what a terrible predicament
i find myself in
i find myself in sin
i want out of this sin i'm in
to please Him is to know Him
to know Him is to see
that obedience to law is not
what keeps us whole and free
is not a thing indeed
it is the body of a saviour,
Jesus Christ the king
I am realizing that the answer lies insight
if in fact I have accepted Jesus in my life
it all comes down, the choice is now
the issue of control
have I chosen God
or would I rather be the one
controlling the destiny of the mind...CHANGE!
do i do what i do or don't do what i want to do?
do i do what i do or don't do what i want to do?

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