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Land Of Nod
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"Land Of Nod" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Selah
Album- Hiding Place

It ain't black
But it ain't white
It ain't darkness
No, no, but it ain't light
It ain't cool
But it ain't hot
No it's something it should be
But I know it's not
'Cause we are comfortable here in our slumber
Lullabyed by the heartbeat of God
But we can't be alive in His number
While living in the land of Nod
So we lie down
By the light of the lamp
Unaware that there's evil in our camp
And we snooze
And we snore
And sometimes it's so loud
That we can't hear the lion roar
Shake it up, wake it up
Turn on the light
We've been asleep for too long
Souls have been rusted
And hearts have been turning to stone
Oh, where did we go wrong?
(Repeat Verse 1)

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