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Um Good
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"Um Good" Lyrics
Christian Artist - UNKNOWN
Album- Count It All Joy

Um Good
Ummmmm you been good
If I never own a mansion
Way out on the hils
i'll never see riches
Lord I'll serve you still
If I lose all my possessions
And my health begins to fail
I can still say you've been good
If I wake up on tomorrow
Find that all of my love ones are gone
Look around and see that my friends are few
I'll still keep holding on
If i call and there's no answer
In the midst of my despair
I can still say Lord you been good
You been good oh yeah
Good, umm good (choir)
So as long as I live I'll tell the world God is good yeah oh
Good, ummm good (choir)
I'm so glad to say right now
God is good (choir)
If i never visit Paris and enjoy that midday sun
If I never sail the seven seas
Before my work out here is done, oh
If I never see the ruins
Of that city that they call ancient Rome
I'm not worried because I can still say God I know that you you been good
Lord you been good
Good, um good (choir)
As long as long as long as I live I'm going to tell the world that God is good
Lord you been good (choir)
Good, umm good (choir)
God is good
Good, umm good
Lord you been good
Good, umm good
So glad to say, God is
So glad to say, God is
So glad to say God is good
I'm glad to say you been good.

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