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"Preach" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Brent Jones
Album- "Something to Sing About" movie Soundtrack

Let it be known that you heard this from here.
When I'm on the microphone you know I make myself clear.
With the posewr,
With the love,
With the boldness look in my eyes and remember who told you this.
Payable on Death gonna hit ya hit-man.
Talk all you want but I don't fear any man cuz ya frontin'
Ain't nothin'
But words to me
You never had the stuff
And your butt ain't crazy enough to handle we,
Come step to me,
My king is he and the power of THREE!
So what you want you ain't down with us.
You get so scaredand so mad when I say the word JESUS!
I ain't down you preach too much
But if you ask me boy I think I don't preach enough.
I tell you God is real,
So don't miss the boat.
But since we come off hard,
You say we shove it down your throats.
You wanna talk that talk,
Walk that walk.
I'm the only person you see but it ain't me you mock.
Man is nothing,
But if you think that you're a bad fool.
If it wasn't for my God,
I would of already had you.
Deny his name are you willing to admit it
And if so are you willing to die for it.
Cuz I am,
He is my life
And I don't have to fear death because he already paid the price.
All your talk and all your threats ain't jack.
Blaspheme my God,
Yo punk
I'm not havin' that.
Turn away,
It's your loss 'cause all I can do is just take them to the cross.

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