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Fair Weather Friend
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"Fair Weather Friend" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Brent Jones
Album- "Something to Sing About" movie Soundtrack

Words and music: Mark
Ever get tired of being mad at someone, yet still not able to get over it? This is my side of the story.
I'll see you again soon, when the sun comes out
Unless it keeps on burning, and brings on a draught
This rainy season, shouldn't last long
Though I've said that before and been wrong
(Chorus) And I know in my heart, that I'll see you again
Fair weather friend, my fair weather friend
Yes I know in my heart you don't want this to end
My fair weather friend, fair weather friend
I'll see you again soon, when the clouds dissipate
I'll try not to interpret, your absence as hate
I'll see you again soon, as the temperatures climb
It'll be good to see your faces again
Sometimes I get lonely, but I know you'll be back
Sometimes I get angry, though my love stays intact
And sometimes I do worry, there won't be enough slack
When you run away from me, running away from you and back

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