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Missing Link
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"Missing Link" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Brent Jones
Album- "Something to Sing About" movie Soundtrack

(Words and music by Mark)
This song started out as a tribute to Link Wray, and kinda got lost on it's way there. Some things in life don't need to be as complicated as we make them. It's ok not to have all the answeres.
Religion, evolution, original sin
Too much monkey business for me to be involved in
All I know is I know too much to ever walk away
And I'd swear I can feel Your touch, though it can't be true they say
Still I got a lot more questions than answers these days
Won't you help me find the missing link
I'm gonna walk on the water until I sink
Help me find the missing link
Dianetics, metaphysics, psychotherapy
That voodoo that you do, just never worked on me
All I know is a Voice called out and I've never been the same
And the darkness in me brightened at the sound of Your name
Philosophy can't raise the dead, or heal the blind or lame
Won't You help me find the missing link
'Cause I think therefore I am (I think)
Help me find the missing link
Perfection, rejection, the comfort of friends
Will I still be faithful when temptation sets in
All I know is the path is straight and not so very wide
But I never was too good at coloring inside the lines
Will You open up Your gates for me, and let me come inside?
Won't You help me find the missing link
I'm gonna walk on the water until I sink
To a blind man a nod's as good as a wink
So here's mud in your eye, living water to drink
Help me find the missing link
[jordan: guitars/ mark: vocals, bass, rhythm guitar/with: drums: steve latanation]

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