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Christmas Everyday
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"Christmas Everyday" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir
Album- Light of the World

Christmas Everyday
by Fred Hammond
Written and Arranged by Marcus B. Cole and Luther 'Mano' Hanes
Album: Christmas... Just Remember
Verse I
Gotta be something about this time of year
That makes everybody act just a little more sincere
There's nothing like stepping outside
To exchange a neighbor's smile
Or just shaking hands a little longer,
Maybe talk a while.
Verse II
Lugging shopping bags down the street
Making time to speak to everybody
That you meet
Taking the cruise through
The old neighborhood
Just taking in who's decorated
And it's all good
I wish
I wish that Christmas would be everyday
Let it go on and on and on and on and on
Why does this feeling have to go away
If it were up to me this season would never change
It would always stay the same
Verse III
I had to stop over my mom's crib the other day
Cause she's getting older now
Gotta make sure she's ok
A smile and a hug
Would do her heart some good
Just chillin with family on Christmas
Like a family should
Verse IV
I am grateful for all that God has given me
I'm compelled to go help somebody else in need
Come back home and in for the night
Telling the kids the season's really all about Christ
I wish
(Repeat Chorus)
Why can't we show each other the same love
The same, the same, good love, real love
To me once a year is really not enough
(Repeat Chorus- out)

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