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In My Dreams
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"In My Dreams" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Jason Nelson
Album- I Shall Live

In My Dreams
Written by V. Michael McKay
by Daryl Coley
Album: In My Dreams
I dreamed of a perfect place
With but one human race
There were no tears
No doubt, no fears
All hate had disappeared
I dreamed all men were free
There were no boundaries
No selfish pride, none critized
All lived in harmony
No shades of black or white or brown
Poverty could not be found
The thought of men sleeping on the ground
Could never be in my dreams
This whole world is in God's hand
Every boy, girl, woman, man
Instead of dreaming I should ask
What should I do?
What is my task?
To love you more each day
To help you find your way
To erase all hate, n'er intimidate
One with a different face
To give the best of me
To give unselfishly
This gift of love, from up above
God let it be, let it be
As in my dreams
(repeat from bridge)

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