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God Can
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"God Can" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Joe Pace and The Colorado Mass Choir
Album- Speak Life

Raising that child all by yourself
No family or friends are there to help
All of the worries you can't find rest
Now you're mad at the world But it's only a test
Even your family can't feel your pain
But if they could see your heart they'll know it's not a game
For surely if He cares for the birds in the air
He won't put more on you than you can bear
God Can
Just in case you feel like there is no one who is on your side
Remember you have Jesus, this battle is not yours to fight
This pain you're feeling now is a part of Yahweh's plan for you
No situation that my God can't fix for you
God can, God can
I know that you are hurting
Seems like the pain will never end
But don't you worry, give God the glory
Praise Him 'til you win, praise Him 'til you win
Vamp 1:
God can and He will (6x)
Vamp 2:
God can, can (repeat)
Vamp 3:
He can do it
Just ask it
Whatever you need from God
Reach up and grab it
Wipe your tears
Don't you know
No weapon formed against you
Shall prosper no
Vamp 2
Vamp 3
Vamp 2
Yes He can (repeat)

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