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Celebrate Mistakes
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"Celebrate Mistakes" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Leigh Nash
Album- Diary of a Mad Black Woman

Was it attraction or just a fraction of your time
Was it a moment just to show that you're alive
Could it be so bad to fallow all these dreams, I have,
And use them for your glory
And turn around my face
So what's that fear to fall a way
One of these day's ill find a way,
To celebrate all my mistakes
Falling over just to show you I'm alive
Could it be, so bad, to fallow all these dreams, I have,
And use them for your glory
And turn around my face
So what's that fear to
Fall away in you is the only way to fall way
Fall asleep into your arms
And breathe inside
And go on and fall away
Everyone's running out of time
So get what you've wanted all your life
Planning for your mistakes
Has taken you far away
So take what's inside and make your mind
Just to make sure your right
2003 Number One Gun

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