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Take Care Of Me
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"Take Care Of Me" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Kim Burrell
Album- Everlasting Life

Verse 1:
Cried all night long,
And I feel all hope is gone.
My world upside down.
I'm going round and round.
Trying to find peace of mind.
Couldn't find love, joy happiness.
In a world of sadness.
Chorus 1:
Where is the light that shine?
Especially for you and me.
There must be some help for me.
Verse 2:
I'm living in world of sin.
Searching for peace within.
Out here on my own.
Things are still going wrong.
Tell me what's going on.
There's trouble all around me.
I need someone to lead and guide me
Looking for that Savior, Who can take care of me.
Chorus 1
Verse 3:
There is someone who sacrificed.
For your sin, he gave his life.
He brings joy from despair.
Just read the word and stay in prayer.
I want that man who was stretched so wide.
Hung his head, bled & died. He didn't come down.
He stayed right there, for everybody, everywhere.
Chorus 2:
He is the light that shines,
That's going to take good care of me.
He is the light that shines, Especially for you and me.
Jesus, He's gonna take good care of me (repeat).
Jesus, Take care of me.
Jesus, Jehovah, Provider, Healer, Take care of me (repeat).

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