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Rain Of Your Mercy
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"Rain Of Your Mercy" Lyrics
Christian Artist - Natalie Wilson
Album- Good Life

(Gary Sadler, Steven V. Taylor)
I see the clouds out on the horizon
I feel the wind blowin' in my face
I hear the sound of a rollin' thunder
I know a storm is about to break
It's the rain of Your mercy
It's the rain of Your mercy
Now I've always heard about Your greatness
How showers of life flow from Your heart
Your death on the cross proves how much You love me
But I'm still surprised at how good You are
In the depths of my sin
Your mercy comes in
And shows me the depths of Your love
And it humbles my heart, tears me apart
Moves me to thank You my friend
For the rain of Your mercy
The rain of Your mercy
Is fallin' again
(Is comin' again)
I'm bein' washed in the water from heaven
Sweet tears of joy pourin' down on me
I lift up my head, drink Your forgiveness
Your spirit is here to set me free
1998 Integrity's Hosanna! Music / SVT Songs / All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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Rain Of Your Mercy
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