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Zeal  - Man Alive

I've learned enough of you to start to understandYou've learned enough of me to make you sickCan't agree on much anymoreCan't induct a common leaderCan't listen to five minutes of you speakDon't let me get in your wayDon . . .
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Zero  - Hawk Nelson

Your Life dreams are shattered, Now you're gone away. We've cried here for hours, And the hours turn to days. We know you regret this, Leaving us here, With portraits and memories That we've held so dear. When I hear you . . .
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Zero Hour  - East West

Walking against the wind,pushing the endless road,where will we lay our heads?Soothing to kiss her lips.It's where we long to be,Chaos and comfort are near.We'll run together,Facing the night.Gripping the morning star,Br . . .
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Zero's And Three's  - The Evan Anthem

If only I could move a galaxy that's multiplied by fiveYou could decide to move the great divideWhen I find you split the seventeen to separate the skyI'll turn the zero into my rocket ride.Before me, swirl these circles . . .
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ZeroNineThreeZero  - Societys Finest

you don't know me so shut upyour words build my walls and they seem so big as they tumblethey destroy sunsetsyou make me lose myself in the shadows of the truthhere's my reflectionbe careful because the battle is being f . . .
Societys Finest  |  View Lyrics

Zion  - David Tamela Mann

Zion is silent left to suffer violence Only the violent are taking it by force CHORUS: You say you want it - You see it there But you were so afraid and unaware You say you wanted a better life So seize the moment! Look . . .
David Tamela Mann  |  View Lyrics

Zion  - Third Root

to priase him with stringed instuments to praise him with loud crashing cymbals to praise him with calshing cymbals let everything that has breath yes praise the LORD for we sing yes a new song to the lord yes a new song . . .
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Zombie  - War Rocket Ajax

Heide, heide, heide ho.Life was moving way to slow.Call the doctor what's wrong with me?Can't think man I can't see.Name on the door says Christ M.D.Doctor, doctor what is your game?I can't even recall my name.Doctor say . . .
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Zombie Nation  - Officer Negative

Well the night is nearly over The day is almost here And the descending hour Will make you stand in fear You sleep walk one by one Following your destruction Wake up zombie you're a zombie nation Wake up zombie nation (4 . . .

Zzyzx Scarecrow  - Stavesacre

near the gateway to mojave i saw a place both beautiful and blistering and cruel and cold the same the sun was like a lion bearing down upon its prey death valley stained in crimson for the moon to wash away and i envisi . . .
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