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Christian Music Song Titles (Beginning with V)

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Christian Song Titles "V" Search Results (150-200)
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Voice Of Truth  - Fred Hammond

Take my hand And walk with me awhile Because it seems your smile Has left you And don't give in When you fall apart And your broken heart Has failed you I'll set a light up On a hilltop To show you my love For this world . . .
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Voices  - PAX217

Sing it loud and clear. We're the voices.This is who we are.We're the voices.We are not a scene but come bearing.Songs of freedom like Marley to the masses.We are all diseased and tearing.We see the people dying daily an . . .
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Voices Praise Him  - DC Talk

Praise Him Praise Him Voices raisin' Praise Him Praise Him Voices raisin' Praise Him, my friend, cause He sits on high He's the Lord God Almighty so don't ask why Just worship Him, adore Him, and sing this praise Ignite . . .
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Void  - Extol

sometimesjust like whenthe seasons lingeri slowly find myselfundercurrentwithin the vortexof our timecome closerwhisper your namelean overi wish you would staya little longersink into my earyour words i praywill keep me . . .
Extol  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Void Expression  - Living Sacrifice

Inward lapse mutates transgressionOutward appearance is void expressionSteps towards disorientationAre frozen by the distractionVeil that covers sight turns blackAs numb emotions ministers lackWith ever increasing glory . . .

Voida  - Narcissus

Running around in circleswith myselfRunning around in circlesTo keep upRunning around in circlesTo fill thisRunning around in circlesTo live myLife to liveThe sands of time are soaking deep into my skinholding onto every . . .
Narcissus  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Voimaa ja valoa  - Terapia

kaipa näin alhaalla joku muukin on ollutkaipa näissä huoneissa joku muukin asustellutjoskus toki minäkin kuvittelin liikojanyt kun totuus on läsnä ei paljoa nauratavoimaa ja valoaelämää ja puht . . .
Terapia  |  View Lyrics

Voimahan suurehen  - Excubiae

Voimahan suurehen rakkautes,Herrani, kätke mua.Purppuravirtaasi uppoudun,suo minun puhdistua.Köyhänä, heikkona, puutoksinarmo on uupua haavoihin.Purppuravirtaasi uppoudun,suo minun puhdistua.Veresi suloista . . .
Excubiae  |  View Lyrics

Voiton Päivä  - From Ashes

Ja niin koitti päivä, jota me odotimme...odotimme niin kauan kyynelin ja kirouksin.Sinä päivänä kansa nousi kansaa vastaan,hävitys ja suru levitettiin ylle tämän maan.Nyt kun me katselemme tuho . . .
From Ashes  |  View Lyrics

Volcano Land  - Leigh Nash

Hola, me llamo Efrain I was born among the agave All I need is this transistor radio I am in a band, it's a family band With the brothers in the years above me And now we have a song that we'd like to play you He sang, . . .
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Voluntary Blindfold  - Fireflight

Amidst the war cries on the day of battle, blown by violent winds on this stormy day. Shall I offer the fruit of my body, for the sin of my soul? Chorus: For we have made a lie our refuge, and a falsehood our hiding plac . . .
Fireflight  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Vorbei  - Allee Der Kosmonauten

Wir w?n einfach losgefahr'n Um morgens dann am Strand zu steh'n Und das Meer zu seh'n. Wir h?en n?telang erz?t Es interessiert mich, was du magst Und was dir nicht gef?t An dieser Welt. CHORUS Ich h?e alles gegeben Um be . . .
Allee Der Kosmonauten  |  View Lyrics

Votes And Violence  - The Dingees

They got me runnin' from 56 hope road Seems my world came crashin' down a moment ago I got this banner cross my back that says I'll be okay And save the dyin' for some other day When you're walkin' in my city you gotta d . . .
The Dingees  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Vow  - Nodes Of Ranvier

Another year has come and gone Nothing's changed I wasted another year Doing the same old things I want to break out of this Turn my life around I'm going to make a vow To repent and turn to You I'm crying out to You now . . .

Vow of Silence  - Blindside

I'll break my vow of silenceBecause I am what you told me you areBecause you showed me your unhealed scarRevealed and died in your own eyesRelieved me to see my own liesThrough the years it has become darker in that secr . . .
Blindside  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Vox Diaboli  - Kekal

within our senseless will, driving motives - no absolution for one'sdesires - changes are minor, yet impact is unaccountable - no standard forachieving satisfaction - rising from the depths of needs - voices thatwill tak . . .
Kekal  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

VS  - Ghoti Hook

You see our face and know our name by the way we hold our stare one look at us it's obvious that we don't even care we've been around your kind before you sit around the place and all you ever do is run your mouth we'll . . .
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Vultures  - Five Iron Frenzy

Watching Mrs. Brady prime the brand new Kenmore washer see the brilliant gleam of the automatic tooth flosser Beautiful the china, what a lovely cup and saucer yeah I saw your Rolex, but I think its an impostor Wave to t . . .

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