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They say death is an open door, to move into another room, within the city of the dead (our new kingdom), they say we walk like dreams, sharing the same breath, seeing through the same eyes (a collective spirit), as we p . . .
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Trust  - Kierra Sheard

Seventeen we were too young / To be thinking about the future to be worried about the consequence of fun. . . It's just funYeah we grew up oh so fast / Now we're longing for the innocence we swore ourselves would never . . .
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Trust  - Smalltown Poets

so he sat behind his natural defensesand there he wrestled with the songhe heard his name in every line,his life in every measurefaced with feelings he could not explainthere was hunger in his hollow hesitationthere was . . .
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Trust Reprise  - Sixpence None The Richer

Trust in the Lord with all your heartLean not on your own understandingIn all of your ways acknowledge HimAnd He will make your paths straightDon't worry about about tomorrowHe's got it under controlJust trust in the Lor . . .

TRUST HIM  - Tamela Mann

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Trust In Him  - Dorinda ClarkCole

Trust In HimVerse I:I love the LordHe heard my cryAnd He pittied every groanLong as I liveAnd troubles riseI'll hasten to his throneChorus:Trust in HimHim onlyYou can depend on HimTrust in HimHim onlyYou can depend on H . . .

Trust In Me  - Charles Billingsley

Are you standing at tomorrow Insecure and quite alone Full of worry for the future And a heart of stone Do you feel you are abandoned Do you dread what lies ahead I know you are hurting But love will bring you through

Trust Me  - Crystal Lewis

close your eyes take a step it’s ok i know where we’re going don’t fret i’ve been before through these valleys down these long and dangerous roads yet dark as they seem trus . . .
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Trust The Mystery  - Sierra

I am running in a circle Spinning around It seems I'm going nowhere But it won't slow me down Cause I don't need to know or see the plans that You've made To know You've got a reason for this endless parade . . .
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Trust You  - Jason Nelson

I guess I'm learning What you have taught me all alongTo trust youThough they aren't listeningTo trust youThough I'm too tired to sing my songI guess I'm learningJust how much my opinion countsJust trust youThough I don . . .
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Trusted Crown  - Still Breathing

If I combat those faces then how is it shown to if or not to be to be aloneIf I combat those fears then how could be in sense to be just tired of thisget rid of itHave I failed youJust tell meI won't turn awayIf my envy . . .
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Trusting God  - Jerry Washington

Verse 1What do you doWhen you just don’t understandAnd what do you doWhen you just cannot explainAnd what do you do sayWhen you just don’t have the answersThrough it all, keep on trusting GodWhat do you doWhen words . . .
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Truth  - Jason Nelson

I've been putting on and putting off too many people And I'm getting old to live like an injured man Ailment and unfilled prescription like the nose on my face Like a broken boat safety raft and a love for the water And . . .
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Truth  - Michael Sweet

Music By: Michael SweetLyrics By: Joel Christian(John 4:16, 1 John 2:4-6) (Verse 1)They burn your ears with what they sayAnd they pretend to care with their displayThe lies they feed you soothe your mindDeceiving you fro . . .
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Truth  - Shekinah Glory Ministry

They called you a failure They called you a lost cause They said you would never become anything at all The love generation, With no direction But when I look in your eyes I see the prize yet to be claimed [Chorus] I'll . . .

Truth About God  - Reed Temple Mass Choir

Chorus:I found the answersYou need are you listening?I'll tell you the truth about GodMy eyes haven't seen HimThese hands haven't touched HimI've never seen the windBut I felt the breeze todayI don't know where it came f . . .

Truth About It Is  - Dogwood

It's not easy to be me,With all my philosophies and my flippant state of mind.I'd much rather take a nap than jump aloof and do all that,To worry what the crowd thinks of me tonight.I'm not asking you to love me.I'm just . . .
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Truth And Consequences  - Leigh Nash

Poster child for the Christian single Dumped on more than a birdhouse shingle Tired of the same old crowd, she starts to Mingle where she don't belong All God's bachelors hanging in a bunch Wolves in a Wool-lite beat 'e . . .
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Truth And Reconciliation  - This Providence

take me past the color of your eyestake me from the past of all my mistakes to where the future liesi know that my moods were changing like the weatherdo you ever dream of us together?now i just want to show you who i am . . .
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He nods a little too fast, Talking illogic with a big bombast, he's Full on dead sure any way's true, and Wouldn't wanna knock it if it works for you. He Heave sighs a little too loud, So frustrated with a one-way in cr . . .
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Truth Beloved  - Evelynn

Christ is the truth he is the only way everything else is a waste of time he will make it all ok and wrap you up in his arms i give all my praise to jesus . . .
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Truth Bomb  - Truth Bomb

Those who live up in the Heavens And those who live down in the deepest place on earth Will hear Your name Will know Your fame All creation will look up and know that CHORUS: You, Only You Can lead us to Your awesome ma . . .
Truth Bomb  |  View Lyrics

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