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Christian Song Titles "R" Search Results (350-400)
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Remember IOU  - Big Dismal

When I was a young childYou watched over meYou kept me safe inside your armsAnd then you set me freeSo I flew away like a birdNot knowing which way to goThe light you give me insideIt will always glowAnd I want to rememb . . .
Big Dismal  |  View Lyrics

Remember IOU  - Big Dismal

When I was a young child You watched over me You kept me safe inside your arms And then you set me free So I flew away like a bird Not knowing which way to go The light you give me inside It will always glow
Big Dismal  |  View Lyrics

Remember Me  - Sacred Warrior

Now while the others laugh and spitI think about just where I sitAnd where I`ll be tomorrowLiving only to explore my every chance for pleasureBut now I realize I need your graceI turned my head to see your faceYou don`t . . .
Sacred Warrior  |  View Lyrics

Remember Me Well  - Sarah Kelly

Why must this road come to an end? What was so right now seeming so wrong But even the sun must set my friend And the time has come We must be moving on Day has lead to this night Time to say our goodbyes And move on Rem . . .
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Remember Me Lord  - Ramiyah

John P. Kee - Remember Me, Lord Remember me, LordRemember meRemember me, LordRemember meWhile I'm on thisWhile I'm on thisWhile I'm on this pilgrim journeyRemember meVerse:Teach me how to love my enemiesAnd teach me how . . .
Ramiyah  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Remember Not  - Fred Hammond

I've been lookin' at things in a negative lightClippin' my wings in the middle of flightMy motor is running on the heartaches of lifeBut it's gettin' me nowhere fastI've been relivin' hurts that seemed far awaySiftin' t . . .
Fred Hammond  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Memories inside have captured meThey're sitting by my bedside and captivating my mindVengeance is mine, or soon will beRevenge is my time-line; your payback is my deadlineIs it everything I thought that it would be?Licki . . .
Staple  |  View Lyrics

Remember Surrender  - Sara Groves

Remember surrender Remember the rest Remember that weight lifting off of your chest And realizing that it's not up to you and it never was Remember surrender Remember relief Remember how tears rolled down bo . . .
Sara Groves  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Remember This  - Thyne Scabbard

words and music by Mark Gersmehl and Billy Smiley we gotta remember thisgotta remember thisgotta rememberso this is really loveso this is what it meansit's better than i dreamedhave we ever been this closejust feel the F . . .
Thyne Scabbard  |  View Lyrics

Remember Who You Are  - Crystal Lewis

My daddy always told that his mamma always said "No matter what you become in this life, Whether big or small n the eyes of men You'd remember who you are in the eyes of God" Remember who you are in . . .
Crystal Lewis  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Remembered  - Spoken

I miss the way you held me to your heartThe way you promised me foreverYou always promised me forever(You're walking away from me)Can't you see what you do to me when you walk away from me?All the things that you say to . . .
Spoken  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Remembering  - Disciple

I could never turn back from where you brought me from I am not where I should be, but I'm better than where I was Why did you show grace that was so undeserving I may never know but I will give you everything Until my d . . .
Disciple  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Remind Me  - Jason Nelson

Hebrews 10:36, James 1:2-4; 5:10, John 12:23-28,Jeni Varnadeau, Bob FarrellSome days my heart gets weary'Cause I can't get past the strainMy eyes don't see the sunshine'Cause I can't see past the rainSomehow I must reme . . .
Jason Nelson  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Reminder  - Man Alive

Been broken, I've been tornFelt exiled and alone. I've been astray.Yet all through this I've knownExactly where my home would still remainChorus:I've wasted so much time I've wasted all the fuel you gaveI never want to t . . .
Man Alive  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Reminiscence  - Aerial View

it's been a long, long time since this road's rolled beneath my wheelsyeah the clock ticks on through the years that it stealsand though the town is changing the memories still live herethe ghosts come out to greet me as . . .
Aerial View  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Remission  - Seventh Avenue

In this world full of selfishnessThe semblance of control in every mindOnly a madman's lucid intervalThe world's mainspring grows wearyAbandoned all hope of resurrectionIn fact she came within an ace of losingAnd her who . . .
Seventh Avenue  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Remnant  - The Fold

We are the remnant, the boulder standsThe disconnected, the after planAn alien from another placeBreathing your air, and taking up spaceNo longer empty out your wordsMany days we come awayAre we get-get-getting it down?M . . .
The Fold  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Remnants  - Jaded Thorns

What is our reason for running away in these uncertain times?Once we have said all that there is to say, what more can we find?Our idols, an endless array of excess fill us with sinful pride.Never imagining what we have . . .
Jaded Thorns  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Removed Of The Grave  - Paramaecium

[Music by J. De Ron, A. Tompkins and J. Sherlock]Within the grave the body lies still beneath the soilAimless roots invade the casket as the body begins to spoilBereft of life, this rotting flesh, once nurtured in the wo . . .
Paramaecium  |  View Lyrics

Renaissance  - Mat Kearney

This is my renaissanceThis is my one responseThis is the way I say I love youThis is my second chanceThis is my one romanceThis is the cutting lineOn which I stand to show youIt happened fast in a flash, just this evenin . . .
Mat Kearney  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Renaissance Love  - Kim Burrell

I've done my share of running awayFrom the things that matteredAnd I'm not proud of itOnly struggle I made was reachingFor the silver platter'Cause I thought I'd love itBut here I am in realityDifferent cover nowBut the . . .
Kim Burrell   |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Renaissance Man  - The 77s

He's the high priest of the future Controlled experiments are his specialty Sewing up questions with mental sutures Trying to make some sense out of reality A renaissance man Tearing himself from The Rock A renaissance m . . .
The 77s  |  View Lyrics

Render Love  - The Choir

Ash is what fools reap, war what they sow What does a man gain who loses his soul? What can a man rule Who conquers his world Then falls out his window and loses his girl? Render Love Let there be peace in the land recon . . .
The Choir  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Render Quench Create  - Spitfire

what is it worth when all my life's posessions are worthless?you quench the thirst of every living beastoh lord, you know my heart's desireplease don't let what i didn't render stand in the waywhy do i beat myself up abo . . .
Spitfire  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Renegade  - Squad FiveO

I pack my bags, and I'm leaving today.I hit the road, and make my getaway.Cause they'll control you.They'll put you up on the shelf.You gotta break away, so you can be yourself.So now I'm running, I got the nigh ton my s . . .
Squad FiveO  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Renew  - Deliverance

You tell yourself that you've been had'Cause even dead you still seem sadRobbed of your peace of mindLetting the cares of thisWorld take controlWhy don't you just pass it byAllow the renewing of your mind toTake it's pla . . .
Deliverance  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Renew Me  - Ramiyah

Renew MePerformed by Martha Munizzifrom CD No LimitsChorus:Renew meRemake meCreate in me a clean heart oh GodRestore meTransform meCreate in me a clean heart oh GodVerse IChange my heart oh LordI'm broken before you nowT . . .
Ramiyah  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Renewal  - Extol

I can hear a signal from the center of my soulIgnite the impulse of lifeMake a change of patterns in theLandscape of the inner manObtaining a new perspective on lifeDiscovering a new dimension of FreedomRenewalA penetrat . . .
Extol  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Renewal  - Unashamed

Will I stand till the end of time, lifting up my voice, shouting to this world. Proclaiming what is His, and what He has done. Fighting the battles within, for the control of my mind. All those lies, whispers in my ear, . . .
Unashamed  |  View Lyrics

Renewal of Our Minds  - Oblivion

rom 12:2you god sometimes life it's so hardfor I do it hard for my selfso god help me from failing over and over againplease lead me from temptationgod set me freefrom worldly addictionlet me see younot humans mistakesev . . .
Oblivion  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Renhetens Elv  - Extol

Den mektige FyrsteVil døpe oss i renhetAlle onde makterMå vike for hellighetRenhetens elv renner gjennomDe helliges livFor å utruste demMot den mørke hærDe helliges hjem skal merkesMed offerlammets blodHer . . .
Extol  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Repair  - Falling Cycle

I've tried to fly on broken wings for too long on my ownAnd now I'm living on second chancesashamed of all I amI'll give you everythingplease take everything from meWith my hands in the airI bring it all back to youWith . . .
Falling Cycle  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Repeating Yesteday  - As I Lay Dying

This is what I am. This is what I have become. What is love without sacrifice? My tears hold no weight. If my commitment is only failure Each day I am born again to be a child in the eyes of love. Repeating yesterday. Dr . . .
As I Lay Dying  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Repeating Yesterday  - As I Lay Dying

This is what I am.This is what I have become.What is love without sacrifice?My tears hold no weight.If my commitment is only failureEach day I am born again to be a child in the eyes of love.Repeating yesterday.Drain me . . .
As I Lay Dying  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Repentance  - Ultimatum

Rape the world of morality, desecrate our land.Obliterate a society.It's gotten out of hand.Sodomy a way of life, flaunted on TV.Learning nothing from our past.A blind eye just can't see.Prime time stars are criminals, g . . .
Ultimatum  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

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