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Christian Song Titles "P" Search Results (500-550)
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Praise Adonai  - Ricky Dillard

Who is like HimThe Lion and the LambSeated on the throneMountains bow downEvery ocean roarsTo the Lord of hostsPraise AdonaiFrom the rising of the sun'Til the end of every dayPraise AdonaiAll the nations of the earthAll . . .
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Praise And Worship  - Clarence Robinson

Praise and Worship(recorded by Peggy Britt)Praise and Worship ' Worship and PraiseHow the Lord of All, deserves - our - worship and praiseWe wor-ship You - for who - you areAnd we praise You for what - You've - done ---- . . .
Clarence Robinson  |  View Lyrics

Praise Belongs To You  - Rudolph McKissick

[Intro]{Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa}Can I moan a little bit, hey{Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa}Hey, All the brothers, all my sista's, oh, oh, oh, oh[Verse 1]Worthy, worthyYou know wha . . .
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Praise Festival  - Rudolph McKissick

I wanna know What you doin Where you goin What are your plans Here's a proposition Won't you listen Come and take my hand Let's go to a place where All have a single mind There's no politician But religion is must CHORU . . .
Rudolph McKissick  |  View Lyrics

Praise Forevermore  - Point Of Grace

Earnestly I sought you Lovingly you found me Embraced me as your child Now I'll never be the same No greater love than your Lord Never known it before Only ever dreamed about This abundant love Singing hal . . .
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Praise Him  - Jerry Washington

Praise Him(written by Byron Cage)(recorded by Byron Cage)Chorus 1:Praise Him, praise Him,praise Him in the morning, praise Him in the noonday.Praise Him, praise Him,praise Him when the sun goes down.Verse: When I wake u . . .
Jerry Washington  |  View Lyrics

Praise Him  - Radio Angels

Dallas Forth Worth Mass Choir - Priase HimPraise Him(written by Brian G. Gary)(recorded by Dallas Fort Worth Mass Choir)Verse:Praise Him in the morning,praise Him in the noon day,praise Him when the sun goes down.I'll pr . . .
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Praise His Holy Name  - Bishop Leonard Scott

We're gonna praise His Holy NameWe're gonna praise His Holy NameLift Him up ,above the heavensPraise His Holy NameLord I want to thank YouFor everything You've doneWay beyond my wildestHopes and dreamsGonna lift my hand . . .

Praise His Name  - Edens Way

There's a reason why we sing / There's a reason to shout His name / When the walls of life have got you bound, / You're in the dark and you can't be found / Just lift your hands and begin to praise... / Oh, sing unto His . . .
Edens Way  |  View Lyrics

Praise II Choir  - New Direction

Heal The Land(written by Vincent Gray)(recorded by New Direction and also Praise II Choir)Verse 1:Innocent blood in the land, so much killing in the land,people are dying in the land,my prayer, heal the land.Verse 2:The . . .
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Praise Jehovah  - Ramiyah

Praise Jehovah(written by Luvonia Whittley)(recorded by Chicago Mass Choir)Verse 1Praise Jehovah, the King of Kings.Praise Jehovah, You're my everything.From the rising of the sun, 'til the going down of the same;praise . . .
Ramiyah  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Praise Offering  - Jerry Washington

Praise Offering(written by James Moss)(recorded by Kierra "KiKi" Sheard)Verse 1:Without stretched handsand with a sincere heart,I come to You with thanks and worship, for who You are.(It's of Your mercies, we . . .
Jerry Washington  |  View Lyrics

Praise Our Maker  - Robbie Seay Band

we praise our maker todaywe scream at the top of our lungsfor the heavens to fall on this placethank you for lovethank you for gracethank you for love and grace(chorus:)we cry holy, holywe cry holy, holy . . .

Praise Song  - Daniel Amos

Love that brings a lightTo a darkened roomThen there is no night'Cause love's bright and newFelling it shine on meKnowing it's in my heartWhat can I tell you'Cept what's in this rhymeWhich grows in my heartAnd stays on m . . .
Daniel Amos  |  View Lyrics

Praise The Lord  - Five Iron Frenzy

Praise the Lord, Everybody praise.Ahhhhh. People of the earth, praise. . . .

Praise The Lord  - Fred Hammond

ChorusPraise the Lord, He has done great things for me. Praise the Lord, He gave me the victory. Praise the Lord, He is shelter from the storm. Praise the Lord,He is worthy to be praised .BridgeHe has brought me a mighty . . .
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