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Mercury - Brave Saint Saturn

width=450> And in other news, the crew of the USS Gloria has at last completed their survey of the planet Saturn and its moons. The crew has been on their mission for almost 5 years now, and they'll begin their return s . . .
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Mercy  - Glenn Kaiser Band

mercy came calling today, God knows i needed to see her courage left me out in the lane, beat up and runnin' without her she told me sit down, you made a mess of things she was right she said, you got to slow down, don' . . .
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Mercy  - Kim Burrell

I've journeyed far I've slept out in the desert with the stars I have felt the mystery I've broken down Seen my dreams fall like ashes to the ground I've been my own worst enemy But Your mercy Is the sweetest gift to me . . .
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Mercy Again  - Lost Dogs

Lord are you still hiding?Where have you been?I'm prayingI'm achingStill waitingHeart breakingShow me your mercy againHow long will I feel sorrow?Will it ever end?I'm sighingI'm cryingI'm dyingStill tryingShow me your me . . .
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Mercy Day  - Chris Rodriguez

promise; something to be expected written on the inside of me i am waiting today like a song so familiar like a fire at its embers i am burning today chorus: mercy day; just a drop in the ocean a ne . . .
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Mercy In Me  - Kurt Carr

A poor man on the cornerI could give to You by buying him lunchBut I rarely think about it'Cause I got a little but it's not that muchAnd I pray Lord won't You help meGive me a little bit more for myselfAnd You say Chil . . .
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Mercy Is Falling - Richard Smallwood

Mercy is falling is falling is falling Mercy it falls like a sweet sweet rain Mercy is falling is falling all over me Hey yo. I receive Your mercy. Hey yo. I receive Your grace. Hey yo. I will dance forevermore. . . .
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Mercy Lord  - Antestor

Be gracious to me o GodIn Thy true loveIn the fullness of Thy mercyBlot out my misdeedsCreate in me a pure heart o GodGive me a new and steadfast spiritDo not drive me from Thy presenceOr take Thy Holy Spirit from meAgai . . .
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Mercy Man  - PFR Pray For Rain

I couldn't find myself todayI got lost in reflectionRetracing steps all along the wayBack to days with no directionI wasn't wishing for those times to come againNo it was more of a reminderOf where and what and how I'd b . . .
PFR Pray For Rain  |  View Lyrics

Mercy Me  - Aurora

I know from the beginning of time You promised me That you'd keep me close and catch my fall But now I see that I need more than ever You here with me Holding my heart through it all My broken spirit, my wounded soul Is . . .
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Mercy Medical - Brandtson

Hello, its mercy medical were sorry to inform you of this situation critical. Hello, its mercy medical, weve done everything we can do theres nothing left its up to her and so welcome to your funeral where they talk abou . . .
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Mercy Mercy  - The 77s

I was wallowingIn a pit of snakesThey come crawlingUp around my legsNow I despiseThem but I knowIf they hypnotize meDown down I goThen I say LordHave mercy on meI say LordHave mercyLove to flyIn a purple hazeBelieve lies . . .
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Mercy Seat  - Lynn Baird

Mercy Seatby Vicki Yohefrom CD: I Just Want YouIn the darknessWhere everything is unknownI face the power of sin on my ownI did not know of a place I could goWhere I could find a way toHeal my wounded soul.He said that . . .
Lynn Baird  |  View Lyrics

Merge  - Yellow Second

everyoneis pushing into meand now the sunis shining into morningi tryand remember your namei try,but it's never the samebuild it out a mile widehigh enough that you can hidemake it out of what might have beenyou say you√ . . .
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Merry Go Round  - Marvin Yancy

You say you don't care what I have to sayYou made your mind up anywayYou've been hypnotized, mesmerizedYou've fallen for their liesBelieving the shadows are sunshineYou left the truth behindWhat if tomorrowYour plastic w . . .
Marvin Yancy  |  View Lyrics

Merry Go Round  - Virtue

You say you don't care what I have to sayYou made your mind up anywayYou've been hypnotized, mesmerizedYou've fallen for their liesBelieving the shadows are sunshineYou left the truth behindWhat if tomorrowYour plastic . . .
Virtue  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Meshach  - ApologetiX

Hey, there's three real famous guys in the Bible you know And the in-between guy's name is Meeeee-shach! Meshach, yeah, yeah I read about them in Daniel one day Look in chapter 1:7 babe And then you can go get their nam . . .
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Mesmerized  - Circle of Dust

These hollow bonesBefore you bareIn the secret sinsI'd never sharedFelt myself slipping awayInto someone who could understandAnd be my only friendAs time passes me byYou lead me mesmerizedBoth of damaged soulAnd of (a) l . . .
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Mess With Your Mind  - Everyday Sunday

I was thinking just that I Could try to find another line To make you think all differently Than what is really true I didn't think you'd mind I thought you'd like to hear the lies And then we all could fool ourselves An . . .
Everyday Sunday  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Message Of The Cross  - Delirious

This is the message of the cross, that we can be free,To live in the victory, and turn from our sin,My precious Lord Jesus, with sinners you died,For there you revealed your love and you laid down your life.This is the m . . .
Delirious  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Messages - Sanctus Real

So there's no room for God's own words on city wallyThat's ten more reasons to be praying for us allWe'd better fight because it might not be too longBefore they say they've made our faith against the lawAnd I've got a m . . .
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Messed Up Over You  - Crystal Lewis

tell it long, so truesweetly to meso long, so bluecompletely over youbut now I'm messed up over youhave the world for mecompletely bind metime, you bind mecompletely beat mebut now I'm messed up over you . . .
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Messes of Men  - mewithoutYou

I do not exist,we faithfully insistsailing in our separate ships,and in each tiny caravel-tiring of trying, there's a necessary dyinglike the horseshoe crab in its proper season sheds its shellsuch distance from our frie . . .
mewithoutYou  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Messiah - Edens Way

We say His name in every circumstance, / When He gives us life, or takes our last breath / Each and every day, people use His name / To curse the hated, or give Him blame / You can only be sure of this one thing / He's t . . .
Edens Way  |  View Lyrics

Metal Crusade  - Mortification

We will not stop fighting,as evil deceives.Thousands of lives,will be relieved.Chorus 1Metal crusade,spreading the Gospel truth,raising the shield,evil lies demolishedMetal crusade,salvation through the cross,belt of tru . . .
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Metal Crusade Instrumental  - Mortification

Instrumental . . .
Mortification  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Metal Might  - Bride

Can you see the sorrow in my eyes You know it's your behavior that I despise I search for what is truth You wonder what's in it for you You wonder if you can make it through Because I sing in all the wrong places Because . . .
Bride  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Metamorphis  - Delirious

Hello friend, it's been sometime Since I've sat at your table, and drank your wine Worldly lies, empty skies But only you can satisfy Can I be somebody? Not what they want me to be Just a pale reflection of what you wan . . .
Delirious  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Metaphor in Parentheses  - House Of Heroes

Darkness spends it lonely wingson the high horizons of our hopes and dreams.As long shadows grow, now they're fading,in the twilight of our hopeful waiting.The tide is rising.O girl, you're needed tonight.Behind your eye . . .
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Trails of tears unveil the harsh crusadesThe western wall still stands the vast charadesWho can justify the deeds they've done?Who breeds a wicked son?All the sordid spells cast from their hell will truly failOh Jerusale . . .
Mirador  |  View Lyrics

Mets√ɬ§kukkia  - Immortal Souls

[Instrumental] . . .
Immortal Souls  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Mexico  - Lost Dogs

You say you're going down to MexicoYou didn't want to let me knowYou say a drinks a dollar thereAnd if your not a bull the fights are fairHey honey don't youHey honey don't you goNoHey honey don't youHey honey don't you . . .
Lost Dogs  |  View Lyrics

Mexico City  - Anah Aevia

What a perfect web you weave.Placed to cloud my eyes.I wipe away awkward silences with longing words.In the end there will be words crashing and knees bowing.Now numb the consequences and repent.Scream with the sound of . . .
Anah Aevia  |  View Lyrics

Mezzo  - The 77s

(Instrumental) . . .
The 77s  |  View Lyrics

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