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My God My Life  - Squad FiveO

A million things in this man's world.That his life can revolve around.A million things that'll fill him up.Only to throw him further down.I've seen the ways of man.His best laid plains often go astray.Not knowing how muc . . .
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My God Still Moves  - Charles Taylor

Charles Taylor  |  View Lyrics

My Gratitude  - Fred Hammond

My Gratitudeby Walter HawkinsChorus 1My gratitudeFor all You brought me throughI can't help but say yesI want to give you my bestI'll go where You want me to goAnd do what You want me to doI'll always endeavor to showA . . .
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My Grief My Remembrance  - Crimson Moonlight

Who put an end to all the beauty...? The splendour of the days gone by... It's mild and steady glow that lit up the gloomy loneliness..? What could turn all the warm and true happiness Into cold desperate tears without e . . .
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My Grief My Remembrance  - Crimson Moonlight

Who put an end to all the beauty...?The splendour of the days gone by...It´s mild and steady glow that lit up the gloomy loneliness..?What could turn all the warm and true happinessInto cold desperate tears without en . . .
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My Gun Your Bullets - Sinai Beach

I can feel your eyes on my face.I can sense the laughter in this place.I can see disgust in your eyes, as they stare straight back to mine.I feel the prick of your fingers pointing at my back: “Worthless!â€I'l . . .
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My Hand to God  - Daniel Amos

There's a displacement in the airSomeone else is breathingTonight could be the nightI think I may be leavingThere's a slight pressure in my earSomething here is movingNever seen the moon so big and brightOr had a dream t . . .
Daniel Amos  |  View Lyrics

My Hands are the Thermometers  - Roadside Monument

twenty-four has been colorizedmy passion has been colorized314 underminedundersight, underminedundersight, i don't mindyou're so far away with the tidecould you define . . .
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My Head  - Atomic Opera

Maybe I am misunderstoodMaybe I'm missing ConvictionMaybeMaybe I'm minding my own mindMaybe I'm making moonsenseshineMaybeI've turned my head around babyI've turned my head around ...And I'm better now.Maybe I am just ma . . .
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My Healing - Ramiyah

My Healing(written by John P. Kee)(recorded by John P. Kee & New Life Community Choir)Verse 1:If your body needs healing, God is able today,You must believe and receive it by faith,by His stripes, on His word you must s . . .
Ramiyah  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

My Heart  - New Direction

My HeartHalf of you has been takenThe other half is barely holding onYou set a course across the oceanYou had a dreamAnd now it's all but lostBut I want you to knowI won't let you go Oh my heart aches for youOh my heart . . .
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My Heart  - Ramiyah

Verse 1:As I approach Lord I believeThat I will make it through the darkest storm set before meWith my whole heart I'll surrender all things unto TheeYou have sacrificed so I must yield so I'll be freeWith the heart man . . .
Ramiyah  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

My Heart  - Rev John Flowers

My HeartHalf of you has been takenThe other half is barely holding onYou set a course across the oceanYou had a dreamAnd now it's all but lostBut I want you to knowI won't let you go Oh my heart aches for youOh my heart . . .
Rev John Flowers  |  View Lyrics

My Heart  - Third Day

I paint a picture, I think it's easier to live that way But my heart is really broken I'm not the man you think I am when you see me each day Torn apart and then left open Father come and fill me up I can't wait for you . . .
Third Day  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

My Heart Beats In Breakdowns  - Evergreen Terrace

Busted scars cut wide open.Bleeding hearts drip to the floor.Waiting tender touches to heal unseen wounds.The brightest eyes can see right through me.Only her eyes are the remedy.Exit anger through affetion.Exit through . . .
Evergreen Terrace  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

My Heart Cries Out  - Commissioned

I see You coming closerI feel You coming nearMy heart melts As I open my doorAnd all I seeIs You thereYes my heart cries outI see You, oh my GodAnd I need You in my heartI feel You, oh my LordAnd I need You more than ev . . .
Commissioned  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

My Heart Depends On You- Shea NormanTrusting in someone whose made of flesh and bloodIs such a frightful situationContinual emotional intensive careIs from too high expectationsSo like a flower depends on rainfallAnd li . . .
Ramiyah  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

My Heart Depends On You(written by Fred Hammond and Maxx Frank)(recorded by Fred Hammond and also Shea Norman)Verse 1:Trusting in someone who's made of flesh and blood,is such a frightful situation;continual emotional, i . . .
UNKNOWN  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

My Heart Goes Out  - Warren Barfield

She sat a table away Staring into space In her own little world And I saw a tear in her eye Like a window to the mind Of a frightened little girl She never said a word But I know I clearly heard A cry for help And I want . . .
Warren Barfield  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

My Heart is Yours  - Showbread

She's driving these nails of restless anti-submission into a headfull of the naive light of dayand then bury this ax with my name into the belly of the never ending staythe torment refuses to lift off the groundand the c . . .
Showbread  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

My Heart's on fire  - Laudamus

I have worked my life to know Your waysSo far my life has not been what I plannedI've tried to follow You all of my daysI want to understandMy heart's on fireIt's come down to the wireMy heart's on fireYou're my only des . . .
Laudamus  |  View Lyrics

My Heart Your Home  - Deitrick Haddon

CHORUS: Come and make my heart Your home Come and be everything I am and all I know Search me through and through 'Till my heart becomes a home for You CHORUS A home for You, Lord A home for You, Lord Let everything I d . . .
Deitrick Haddon  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

My Hearts On Fire  - Laudamus

I have worked my life to know Your ways So far my life has not been what I planned I've tried to follow You all of my days I want to understand My heart's on fire It's come down to the wire My heart's on fire You're my o . . .
Laudamus  |  View Lyrics

My Heartstrings come undone  - Demon Hunter

It's buried deep within the past , i hope it doesn't lastIt's something i already chased, i already chasedI try to give it all away, but it's never gonna fadeIt's something i don't wanna face, i don't wanna faceI know yo . . .
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My Heavenly - Youth For Christ

Let the wind fall wild across my path Even though we barely move, there's no turning back There is a river; there is a road Place of holy riches untold It's where I'm s'pposed to be Where I'm s'pposed to be My heavenly, . . .
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My Hell  - Disciple

Its not found in throwing roses on a grave Or in the cursed bottom of a bottled plague It wasnt in the torment that will never fade But I see the truth now This was my hell living without You here Even Heaven is hell if . . .
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My Help  - Clarence Robinson

My Help(written by Jackie Gouche Farris)(recorded by Bam Crawford’s Purpose)I will lift up mine eyes to the hillsfrom whence cometh my help.My help cometh from the Lord,The Lord which made heaven and earth.He said, He . . .
Clarence Robinson  |  View Lyrics

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