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Move On This  - PAX217

I fell in love with this beautiful girl.And well you know, she fell in love with me.And the two of we, we took it one step further.Took some action into history.All of this is beautiful.But there is one thing (one thing) . . .
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Move One  - Paul Colman Trio

It's time to move on she said It's time to move on I've been in this prison called yesterday And it's time to move on Paint a picture of a dying tree But hide its withered arms in greenery And place it in the garden call . . .
Paul Colman Trio  |  View Lyrics

Move This City  - The Wedding

And false accusations destroy relationships I hope youre happy with all the lies youve spread Well I say we change things up, Trade out this hate with love But it has got to start with us Lets be the ones to move this ci . . .
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Move To Bremerton  - MxPx

When I meet a special girlShe always lives somewhere else in the worldI don't want to call her on the phoneI wanna talk to her when I'm at homeMove to Bremerton - we'll hang outMove to Bremerton - cause you wannaMove to . . .
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When I meet a special girlShe always lives somewhere else in the worldI don't want to call her on the phoneI wanna talk to her when I'm at homeMove to Bremerton - we'll hang outMove to Bremerton - cause you wannaMove to . . .
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Move To The Moon  - Lakewood Church

And build a havenFor lost balloonsI'm gonna move to the moonAnd find the wordsFor this lonely tuneThat my heart has composedFar away from these earthly woesI'm gonna move to the moonNext train leavesAt high noonI'm gonn . . .
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Move To The Other Side Of The Block  - The Rocket Summer

So we try and try all of our life working with such pride making cash just to survive as we race and grade and judge away other folks mistakes makes us good to feel that way. And don't you know, it never stops. Try to pl . . .
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Moves  - The 7 Method

I'm hardcore cause he makes me hardcore I'm not rebellious I'm just zealous for my LordHe fills me up with love, this miracle don't fear itI'm here today to tell you how the Holy Spirit moves in mehow he counsels me, how . . .
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Movie Of My Life  - Fred Hammond

I feel like I'm living in a movie of my life Someone else is playing me, Someone I don't really like.I am just an extra and I don't have many linesI'm just standing in the shadows of the corners of my mind While the sce . . .
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Movie Star  - Calibretto 13

I wanna be popular, I wanna be a movie star, I wanna be noticed, I wanna go far. I wanna make money, I wanna live in glamour, I wann have a big house, I wanna drive a sports car. But you know that I don't got it, probabl . . .
Calibretto 13  |  View Lyrics

Movie Stars and Super Models  - The Rocket Summer

How come my life ain't like this movie?I should try to look some more like that.And maybe then I could be a movie star,And maybe then you'd always laugh at my jokes.Cuz life would be just like this movie,and I would neve . . .
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Movin' On  - 1NC One Nation Crew

Trouble all around (pressing me) People all around (stressin me) I realise you (jus testin me) 'cause through it all you (keep blessin me) My mind's made up no stoppin me I gotta get to my destiny People I hope y . . .
1NC One Nation Crew  |  View Lyrics

Movin' On  - Juanita Bynum

Trouble all around (pressing me) People all around (stressin me) I realise you (jus testin me) 'cause through it all you (keep blessin me) My mind's made up no stoppin me I gotta get to my destiny People I hope ya'll hea . . .
Juanita Bynum  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Moving  - UNKNOWN

Words and music by Carolyn ArendsIt was just a little flutter like a butterfly... oh yeah A tiny kick or something somewhere deep inside... oh yeah Was it an elbow, was it a knee Were you trying to say hello to me Well . . .
UNKNOWN  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Someone please turn the lights back onI've been wandering here for days, disconnected, and in searchFor new air to breathe inI don't think I can fix thisDon't think I could changeBut that's the problemWe never speak to . . .
DC Talk   |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Moving Mountains  - Kids In The Way

Bridges are burning, heads are turning and the sky is painted red.Your voice grows calm inside my head.Cars are crashing, buildings collapsing and your whispering in my ear,come with me my dear.Like rushing water, our pr . . .
Kids In The Way  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Moving On  - Bleach

did you really thinkthat we could make it make sensedid you really thinkwe could let it happen all over againthis is what you gotwhen you tried the first timethis is what we gotwhen we listened with our eyeswe're moving . . .
Bleach  |  View Lyrics

Moving On Faith  - Jadon Lavik

Ive been here before waiting in the mystery Ive knocked on this door enough times to know That youre there for me My knees on the floor hoping for some clarity Knowing on things for sure his grace Has covered me Lord ope . . .
Jadon Lavik  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Moving Out  - Side Walk Slam

well isn't life so beautiful? and everything so tangible? then everything i love just falls around me then i feel so miserable, and everything's predictable then all my senses become numb before me. sometimes fate's acce . . .
Side Walk Slam  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Moving Too Far  - TwoThirtyEight

Move on to far in the direction that you are going.You are the reason that i am feverish.Creating distance your the scent.In the kiss you are resistance.You are insufficiently you are the reason i am breaking down.Yeah i . . .
TwoThirtyEight  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Moving Underground  - The Dingees

We will be here in the underground Oh brother sister can you feel the sound The simple things that make our world go round Underground the musics moving underground They came on up and take their place in my face There t . . .
The Dingees  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Mr Ar0chet - Mortal

from climate control, and L.E.O. communication relays to mass transit, success relies on implementation, therefore advances in tech revolve around the rocket, but tonight I'm looking farther into, breaking orbit, explori . . .
Mortal  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Mr Magnet  - Galactic Cowboys

There behind the deskA pillar of strengthA promise of gold.With the sign of the crossThe smell of a fishAs the story unfolds.Mr. Magnet, Mr. RepellentHe's a loser, but ya can't tell it.There behind the maskThe pain is co . . .
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Mr Religion - Paul Colman

Dear Mr Religion seems times are not so good You say people ain't doing the things they know they should Well Mr Religion people say that you had your go And they're not believing not in the God you show Dear Mr Religion . . .
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Mr Calvin  - Like David

I'm ready to goGot my head packed in my bagIt's knowledge you knowThis is how I got myself trappedDeceived I'm holding hands withThe liar, my foeBut let me run my mouth “noâ€Are you my friend or foe?Your mouth . . .
Like David  |  View Lyrics

Mr Do Wrong  - Guardian

With the setting of the sunsomething wicked this way comesBlack on blackgot a wicked strideHounds of Hell are by his sideFeeding on the lusts of manShake him off but he's back againPromises and hidden dreamsOh how sweet . . .
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Mr Evil  - Kings X

Daddy's got the moneyDaddy's got controlDaddy's got the powerDaddy's got you coldAnd he's been chasing your lovers awayWhatever it takes for him to get his way Do you know, do you knowDo you know Mr. Evil? Daddy told me . . .
Kings X  |  View Lyrics

Mr Good Intentions  - Leigh Nash

Hello Mr. Good IntentionsHow are you todayHave you made some morePromises that we're boundTo breakYou've been around such a Long, long time, and it's easyTo see what you're doing to me,It's time to draw the line.Go away . . .
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Mr Magoo  - The 77s

i may be mr. magoo but i see through you stupid fool old magoo you got a way to suck me in and then you spit me out again i try to take it on the chin but i bump in to everything you know the way to keep me blind diggin' . . .
The 77s  |  View Lyrics

Mr Magoo Alternate Mix  - The Seventy Sevens

i may be mr. magoobut i see through youstupid fool old magooyou got a wayto suck me inand then you spit me out againi try to take it on the chinbut i bump in to everythingyou know the way to keep me blinddiggin' that sil . . .
The Seventy Sevens  |  View Lyrics

Mr Morgan Act 1  - DC Talk

My name is [Richard?] Morgan And I live next door to Where the Gotee's sit Well, I layed in the bed After I get eye operated on that day And I heard the drummer beatin' over next door And I asked my wife, I said, Did you . . .
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Mr Nice Guy  - Fighter

Try some of this, it'll help you relax / It's just some stuff I've been using / A little white pill to help you forget / Sometimes this world's confusing / We can't stand back and let this tragedy grow / We've gotta stan . . .
Fighter  |  View Lyrics

Mr Nothing - Gretchen

(verse 1) They say times are tough and so is he Sometimes it's rough just to be alive They say he never had opportunity To prove his worth or just to be a man So we'll just give him one more chance We'll just give him on . . .
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Mr Philosophy  - No Innocent Victim

Try to look wisePhilosophical wordsIt's all a disguiseBoost your self worthYou must speak aboveThe ones that you mockThey converse and expressUsing straight talkSo deep, know everythingWhat you don't know you'll make upG . . .
No Innocent Victim  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Mr Warner  - Lloyd

I don't know if I should mention thisBut I guess I will just accept the riskPlease forgive me for my candidnessBut you're the one who went and started itSingin' like an Alice Cooper wanna beA gimmick to distract lack of . . .
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Mr Wilson  - Kings X

hey mr wilson im glad to shake your handits nice to see you tooand yes i understandthat im not to take it personalalthough we look like peopleand it could be my son on the chopping blockbut im sure hell understandyoure a . . .
Kings X  |  View Lyrics

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