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Christian Music Song Titles (Beginning with L)

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Christian Song Titles "L" Search Results (300-350)
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Let His children rejoiceFor He is Lord of creationLet His children rejoiceAnd sing a song of salvationLet His children rejoiceFor He is Lord of creationLet His children rejoiceAnd sing a song of salvationProclaim His na . . .
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Let It All Out  - Relient K

Let it all out (get it all out)Rip it out, remove itDon't be alarmed when the wound begins to bleedCuz we're so scared to find out (what this life's all about)So scared we're gonna lose itAnd knowing all along that's exa . . .
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Let It Be  - Superchick

Some people bring you gifts Some bring you bricks to weigh you down So they can swim a little higher while you drown Some people mean so well Their way was the best way that they found But any other way you choose i . . .
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Let It Be Forever  - Richard Smallwood

In a world of broken hears, love is just a wordUsed so often, what is means is blurredPeople grow so hungry for a love they can believeWill they findi it here in you and meOh you you must be careIf it's love you're promi . . .

Let It Be Me  - New Direction

Let It Be Me(recorded by Chris Harris)Verse:There is something about God's presence,help me set the atmospherelet's send a message to glory saying, Lord, You're welcome here.If He comes there will be joy,peace, and good . . .
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Let It Be Yours  - Poor Rich Folk

I'm just a loc'd out brother Com'n straight from S.D. Just another islander, beaner, wop, minority Taught to love one antogher, all races All tipes of colors, different skin, different faces Can you answer my question, w . . .
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Let It Flow  - Jeff Deyo

We have come to bring our praise to the one who changes hearts We are moved by your love as you give yourself to us And we pledge to give ourselves that the world will know your grace This grace that captures me (Chorus: . . .
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Let It Go  - David Tamela Mann

I was alone, I was afraid I was crawling thru a maze of my fear Tattered and torn, battered and fraying Never wanting to see the sun Let it go, let it go, let it go----back to you I was alone, I was a tired fighter I wa . . .
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Let It Go  - Donnie McClurkin

I, I wanna knowExactly how it feelsTo just let goBut I, I'm holding fearAnd all the baggage of myselfAppears to be in the wayCHORUSLet it goLet it go, will I make it throughCan I put up a fightLost somewhere betweenThe . . .

Let It Go  - Kim Burrell

You are waiting on a beach For a healing word to come Maybe an apology in a bottle Maybe a flare that says, "I'm sorry." And the hurting leaves you numb Will you forgive? Will you forget? Will you live what yo . . .
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Let it Go  - OC Supertones

I, I, I, I've noticed how you've been withdrawneverybody's asking where you've been the only time you call me back is to tell me you'll be staying inI don't know what is in your heart but trust me God knows what is there . . .
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Let It Go Let It Die  - Barren Cross

LET IT GO LET IT DIEI lay here in the blackened night bitterness in my heartFeeling it grow stronger as l slowly die awayBut Jesus told me let it go and let it dieI paid for that brothers wrongs with My lifeI remember th . . .
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Let It Go Let It Ride  - Barren Cross

I lay here in the blackened night bitterness in my heart Feeling it grow stronger as l slowly die away But Jesus told me let it go and let it die I paid for that brothers wrongs with My life I remember the day so clearly . . .
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Let It Happen  - MxPx

i want someone to lovea girl that when i think ofwill put a smile on my facei want to hold her handwant her to understandthere's got to be a better placethan this world cause thisis the best time of our livesShould I be . . .
MxPx  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Let It Out  - Kim Burrell

I know what you're thinkingThat sometimes it's so hard to showYour heart amidst the darkAnd say you are a ChristianBut if it's real, and it burns withinThere's no way to keep it inSo don't keep it inShine like starlight . . .
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Let It Out  - Pillar

I don't know if we'll ever really see the day When we look around and we don't know what to say How did we lose our way? I don't know if we'll ever really see a change If this is how we show our thanks, I think it's time . . .
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Let It Out  - Shekinah Glory Ministry

This life we lead is never boring New things come with every morning Every day is a second chance The start of a divine romance Take a breath and jump right in Let it out Tell the world what you're about Let them hear yo . . .

Let It Rain  - Leigh Nash

Fisher of men remembers... And I have watched in wonder As with a word You calmed a raging sea I have seen You make the wine from water Mud and water made a blind man see Water still reminds me Of the seaside where our . . .
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I'm livin' in the same ald skinInside I got a whole new spinI'm never gonna change my made up mindWhen the skies have turned to rainI won't hide what I containIt'll be alright I've seen the lightIt guides me on my wayCH . . .
Tamela Mann  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Let It Roll  - Guardian

Let your love roll onlet it rollThings you've given to memay I never let them goLet your love roll onlet it rollKeep that river flowin'give me power in my soulWheels spinnin' round and roundnever seem touch the groundYou . . .
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