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Lay Your Burden Down  - Jason Nelson

(Chuck Girard)Lay your burden down, lay your burden downTake your troubled soul, your tired mindAnd lay your burden downLay your burden down, get your feet on solid groundTake your worries to the foot of the cross, and . . .
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Lay Your Burdens - Laudamus

Your mind is screaming and your heart is bleedingYou're soul aches and you don't know whySearching for answers in religious mythsBut nothing seems to satisfyEmptiness grips your soulAlone, forever falling into this black . . .
Laudamus  |  View Lyrics

Layin' It Down  - Kainos

You are the talk of the town You get around now Youre victim of your own complexity Spinning around and around in your empty circles Its really such a senseless tragedy Simplicity whats it gonna take for you To finally b . . .
Kainos  |  View Lyrics

Lazy Brain  - ApologetiX

Osbournes! Ha ha ha ha ha! Aie aie aie aie aie aie! Ozzy puts bats down his throat Real different people live in his home "Cosby, he's not," you complain "He's burned out from drugs and forgets his own name!" Censors so . . .
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Le Vainqueur  - Starflyer 59

I wish you would stake the claimTurned too far for your willAnd I feel I failed your willAnd you come laterAnd the healerMakes better and better and betterLe vainqueurAnd it's betterLe vainqueurI'm coming aroundTo take a . . .
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Le Vainqueur [Radio Edit]  - Starflyer 59

I wish you would stake the claimTurned too far for your willAnd I feel I failed your willAnd you come laterAnd the healerMakes better and better and betterLe vainqueurAnd it's betterLe vainqueurI'm coming aroundTo take a . . .
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Lead  - Matt Brouwer

Come and take my hand and lead Come and pour the oil over me And humbly I will bow my knee Oh let your love fall down When I fail you comfort me Wipe the tears from my face Then you lead me beside Still wat . . .
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Lead Me  - Delirious

We have flooded the altar with our tearsWe have wearied you Lord with our wordsGreat God, our promises we've brokenOh Lord, forgive me.You are breaking the pride in our heartsYou have given us tears for the lostYou crown . . .
Delirious  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Lead Me I'll Follow  - Rachael Lampa

Here is a question that I need to know: Why turn my back and just refuse to go When You have made for me a path so bright Through this life (mmm-hmm)? Oh Lord, I know You want to help me see ’ Cause You . . .
Rachael Lampa  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Lead Me Home  - Ready For Monday

sitting in the silence of this peace i found in Youfound only in Your precious blood,i need more from Youdont worry about what you have doneYou whisper in my earbut how can i forget it Lord with consequences hereso i wai . . .
Ready For Monday  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Lead Me On  - Amy Grant

Shoulder to the wheel For someone elses selfish gain Here there is no choosing Working the clay Wearing their anger like a ball and chain. Fire in the field Underneath a blazing sun But soon the sun was faded And freedo . . .
Amy Grant  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Lead Of Love  - Ricky Dillard

Looking back at the road so farThe journey's left its share of scarsMostly from leaving the narrow and straightLooking back it is clear to meThat a man is more than the sum of his deedsAnd how You've made good of this m . . .
Ricky Dillard  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Lead Role In The Cage  - House Of Heroes

cassie come home.when she left she left the only home she'd ever known.cassie come home.words cannot express how her dispair has grown.when she prays at night she feels like screaming.say one word and i will read your li . . .
House Of Heroes  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Lead The Way  - Further Seems Forever

I'm not above askingAsking for your helpI'm not above askingI know myselfFor you to find a wayI'm not above trying to understandI'm not above trying to take your handI'm not above (I'm not above)I'm not above trying to u . . .

Lead Us  - Nate Sallie

Under the street lightsThe rain's coming downThere's no one out tonightI'm walking around alone'Cause it's quiet hereI'm just trying to thinkAre you realOut here on the streetJesusCome and lead usThere's no easy way out . . .
Nate Sallie  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Leaf  - mewithoutYou

If you fail to see a problem,(Which I find hard to believe)Or if you're hanging on from branchesLicking honey from the leaves you sayThe hopelessness of living, the childishness of suicideBut there's a call to love my br . . .
mewithoutYou  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Lean On  - Rebecca St James

Into Your hands I commit my spirit Into Your heart I place mine Into Your will I submit all I am As I let go, peace I find And while the background is falling You've found a place I can stand Lean on You're . . .
Rebecca St James  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Lean On Me  - Leigh Nash

[Oldie but a goodie] [1, 2, 3, funky] [True MC, True MC] [Everybody listens to the True MC] True MC, no slack on the track Here to tell the people that love's what we lack In this family we gotta love like Christ So prec . . .
Leigh Nash  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Lean On You  - Youthful Praise

Lean On You(written by Steven Ford)(recorded by Maurette Brown-Clark)Verse 1:Lord, You know what each day will bring,for You designed my destiny.Each test and trial comes tailor made for me.Lord, You know just how I feel . . .
Youthful Praise  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Leanin' On God  - Ricky Dillard

Leanin' On God(written by Vashawn Mitchell)(recorded by Bishop Larry D. Trotter & The Sweet Holy Spirit Choir)Chorus:I'm leanin' and depending on God, trusting in His holy word.No matter what comes, I'll never let go,I' . . .
Ricky Dillard  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Leaning On The Lord's Side  - Rachael Lampa

Leaning On The Lords Side(arranged by Chris Byrd)(recorded by T.M. Mass Youth Choir)Verse 1:Whos side are you leaning on?(Leaning on the Lords side).(4x)Chorus:Leaning (2x),leaning on the everlasting arms.(repeat)Verse . . .
Rachael Lampa  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Learn  - Deliverance

A man's life, a boot campPreparing him for the graveThere is nothing more to livingOr so I thought I heard them sayExistence carnal, I am but a manDrifting in a soul filled oceanFallibility, a probabilityHumanness takes . . .
Deliverance  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Learn To Let Go  - Mark Schultz

I'm holding this picture You drew when you were four It was one we proudly hung On our refrigerator door I found it in the attic In your old dresser drawer By a pillow that we made you And a blanket that you had When we . . .
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Learn To Unlearn - Slick Shoes

I'm worn out again.Feel the weight of the world crashing down on me.Teach me how to let it go.My walk has turn to a crawl.I'm on my hands and knees.How do I get up?When did it get so hard to make it through a day?When I . . .
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Learnig To Breathe  - Switchfoot

Hello, good morning, how you do? What makes your rising sun so new? I could use a fresh beginning too All of my regrets are nothing new So this is the way that I say I need you This is the way that I'm Learning to breath . . .
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