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Christian Song Titles "L" Search Results (1100-1150)
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Lord Is Able  - Phil Keaggy

The Lord Is Able(written by John P. Kee)(recorded by John P. Kee & The New Life Community Choir)Chorus 1Now that it's over, hold your head up high,just be encouraged, hold your head up to the sky.Every one of your obsta . . .
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Lord Jehovah  - Skratchline

Oh Lord Jehova, Blessed Son of ManMy God, Creator, The Great I AmAnd I'll love You with my heartAnd I'll love You with my soulAnd I'll always hang onI won't let go of YouWho am I that You should know my name?And who am I . . .
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Lord Let Your Glory Fall  - By The Tree

You are good And your love endures You are good And your love endures You are good And your love endures Today Lord let your glory fall As on that ancient day Songs of enduring love And in your glory came And as a si . . .
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Lord Of All  - Glenn Kaiser Band

A carpenter from NazarethA Man from GalileeHe talked a lot of loveAnd setting captives freeThe men who rallied 'round HimFishermen by tradeHe called out twelveThey followed HimAnd fishermen He madeHe spoke a lot in churc . . .
Glenn Kaiser Band  |  View Lyrics

Lord Of All  - Leigh Nash

"Lord Of All"[Intro]Lord, I dedicate this song to youThank you for the oppourtunity to share my gift of song with the worldYou created me and this ability I possess to express everything I am and hope to be th . . .
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Lord Of All  - Reeds Temple Mass Choir

Lord I long to see You glorifiedIn everything I doAll my heartfelt dreams I put asideTo see Your Spirit move with power in my lifeJesus Lord of all eternityYour children rise in faithAll the earth displays Your gloryAnd . . .

Lord Of All Terrors  - Sympathy

can the mind of man withstand the terrorsof the unseen world,and his flesh endure the radianceyet not be consumed?has the gate not opened by the keys ofsolomon whosought the powerof the unknown horrorsyet amongst the bea . . .
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Lord Of Darkness  - Frost Like Ashes

Colours now fading, the sun burns dark orange The trees ominous silhouettesFoul cease their chorus cold winds taking overHowling through bleak crevassesWith the forest eclipsed sun And black clouds erasing starsThe cresc . . .

Lord of Dreams  - Deliverance

Sunlight is pouring all over meThe cracks in the window blindsTell me I'm freeBut in the night when fear paralyzesAllowing no pathway to seeWeighted eyes close and blood pressure risesI'm traveling where this slumber lea . . .
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Lord Of The Dance  - Sonicflood

You're the Lord of the danceYou're the dancing LordEverybody dance nowIn the Holy SpiritEverybody love the One, love the OneLove the One, the One you love the most nowCan't nobody stop me nowGonna give it all I gotGonna . . .
Sonicflood  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Lord Of The Wind And The Waves  - Glenn Kaiser Band

oh guide me through turbulent night Lord, be my light in the overcast dayhold me and fight every fightYou know my enemy, You know the way open my eyes to the hillscovered with warriors You send to my aidJesus, You're mig . . .
Glenn Kaiser Band  |  View Lyrics

Lord Over All  - Sonicflood

Be the reason I liveBe my quest, my constant visionBe the water I drinkThe treasure I seek more than goldBe the fire in my heartMy consuming love and passionBe the air that I breatheThe song that I sing from my heart and . . .
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Lord Reign In Me  - Cadet

Over all the earth You reign on high Every mountain stream Every sunset sky But my one request Lord my only aim Is that you reign in me again Lord reign in me Reign in your power Over all my dreams In my darkest hour You . . .
Cadet  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Lord Take Control  - Sons Of Thunder

My world's crumblin'the future's so doleBut I'm tryingto save my shattered soulOn my ownOn my ownThe enemy's tryingto wreck my whole lifeBut I'm tryingto stand up and fightOn my ownOn my ownThe more I strive the less I g . . .
Sons Of Thunder  |  View Lyrics

Lord We Bless Your Name  - Clarence Robinson

Lord We Bless Your Name (written by Joseph Pace II) (recorded by Joe Pace) Verse: Oh Lord, we bless Your name. Your name is great, and greatly to be praised. Worthy, worthy, worthy, worthy; Lord, we bless Your name, Lor . . .
Clarence Robinson  |  View Lyrics

Lord We Rejoice  - Radio Angels

Lord, we rejoice in the power of Your nameWe make a choice to voice our opinionYour name is greatWe proclaim your dominionYesterday today and forever the sameWe rejoice in the power of Your name.Mountains tremble at the . . .
Radio Angels  |  View Lyrics

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