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Christian Song Titles "L" Search Results (450-500)
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Let Us Not Be Weary  - Ramiyah

Let Us Not Be Weary(written by John P. Kee)(recorded by Victory In Praise (VIP) Music & Arts Seminar Mass Choir)(based on Galatians 6:9)Chorus 1:And let us not be weary in well doingfor in due season we shall reap,Choru . . .
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Let Us Praise Him  - Ramiyah

John P. Kee - Let Us Praise Him Verse 1:Let everything that hath breath give Him glory.In spite of what you're going through, He is worthy.We give Thee freely and our God receives,He inhabits our praise.Chorus:Let us pra . . .
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Let Us Pray  - Steven Curtis Chapman

I hear you say your heart is aching You've got trouble in the making And you ask if I'll be praying for you please And in keeping with conviction I'll say yes with good intentions To pray later making mention of you . . .

Let You Down  - Payable On Death POD

No one knows what goes on inside of your headAnd everything seems to be ok.And your the same as you've always been (you're the same)If I'd listened, would you have talked to me?I don't wanna let you down,But I can't even . . .
Payable On Death POD  |  View Lyrics

Let You Down  - Youth For Christ

No one knows what goes on inside of your headAnd everything seems to be ok.And your the same as you've always been (your the same)If I'd listened, would you have talked to me?I don't wanna Let You Down,But I can't even . . .

Let You Go  - East West

Standing waiting for this moment to end,I can't believe it's finally here.We said that kiss would be a promise forever and I can't believe you're going away.Got to let you go,Just like we always said.Got to let you go,Ju . . .
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Let You In  - Kutless

Lying here, in this pit that life's pushed me down I don't know, just how long I can take or when I might break I'm in needing so someone, please show me the truth This need is real in my soul I feel the love You shared . . .
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Let You In  - Ricky Dillard

I don't wanna drift around this worldLooking for somethingI'm not sure that's thereAnd I don't know what's in my mindBut I want to knowBreathe you in and I breathe you outAnd I've tried everything that there isAnd never . . .
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Let Your Day Begin  - Tree63

Lyrics not Available yet . . .
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Let Your Glory  - Joe Pace and The Colorado Mass Choir

Let Your glory be revealed in usLet Your glory be revealed in usJust as sure as Christ is risenAnd His Spirit lives withinLet Your Glory be revealed in usAs the Word became fleshAnd made His dwelling among usAnd we have . . .

Let Your Glory Fall  - Matt Redman

Ive been hearing voices Telling me that I could Never be what I wanna be. Theyre binding me with lies, Haunting me at night, And saying theres nothing to believe. Somewhere in the quietness, When Im overcome with lonelin . . .
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Let Your Love  - Virtue

I can hear You calling In a whisper You say so much In a dream I'm falling But I awaken within Your love and I find You waiting I find You, arms stretching open My will is breaking Lord, I've had enough ... I'm giving i . . .
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Let Your Love Be Strong  - Switchfoot

In this world of news, I've found nothing new I've found nothing pure Maybe I'm just idealistic to assume that truth Could be fact and form That love could be a verb Maybe I'm just a little misinformedAs the dead moon ri . . .
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Let's Be Frank  - One Bad Pig

In the beginning GodA fancy that wil passI know how it beganI believe in gasI know that the Big BangGave the world it´s shapeMy image is not God´sI´m related to the apeChorus:Let´s be frankLet´s talk strai . . .
One Bad Pig  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Let's Be Friends  - Halo Friendlies

why are you so cruelwhen you pick up the phonewhen i come to your homewhat did i do wrong?do you remember back thenwhen we were good friendsbut now you pretendjust to be nicenow i know who you areyou're just a big clownw . . .
Halo Friendlies  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Let's Build A Bridge  - Fred Hammond

What happened to the dream we knew Everybody having something to live for Seems we've forgotten where we're going to And all the reasons for the things we do And we just stack another stone in place Until the walls we're . . .
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Let's Dance  - Denison Marrs

let's take our timeand try to imagineme and you you and mefor the first timesince the last time when wemade eyes for what seemedlike an eternitylet's take our timeand try to imagineyou and me me and youfor the first time . . .
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Let's Go To Haddonfield  - The Huntingtons

twenty years ago he took away his sisters lifethere's still one left that's still aliveand he's on the loose tonightrun run jamie leerun as fast as you canrun run jamie leeaway from the boogie manlet's go down to haddonf . . .
The Huntingtons  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Let's Magnify The Lord  - Fred Hammond

"Let's Magnify The Lord" North Carolina Mass ChoirAlbum: Let's Magnify the LordGreat is the Lord, He's worthy to be praisedGreat is the Lord, He's worthy to be praisedGreat is the Lord, He's worthyLet's magnif . . .
Fred Hammond  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Let's Make A Baby King  - Fred Hammond

Lyrics and Music by Jesse WinchesterOnce upon a Christmas morningThere was a pretty little baby boyIt seems like I remember sadnessMingling in the joyFor Mary saw the futureAnd the sadness it would bringAnd that's when M . . .
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Let's Talk About Life  - Kim Burrell

Patsy MooreI was taking with a woman that I really respectYeah, she's got a few year on meShe said: Child, these eyes of mine were blindNow these eyes can seeThat's lifeThat's my lifeI said: Ee-hee, Mama!Let's talk abou . . .
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Let's Go  - Monday Morning

I saw you standing there, its like you vanished in the airNo one knows or even caresWell you need someone to love you just for youThis love is matchless, this power words cannot expressIt's like a sea of tenderness I'm f . . .
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Let's Go Away  - Ace Troubleshooter

This view has got to changeSo let's skip town, let's go away Who knows where? Let's quit our jobs today What would we do? Where would we stay? I don't care We're young and so in love We'll be together So let's go, let's . . .

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