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Christian Music Song Titles (Beginning with J)

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Christian Song Titles "J" Search Results (150-200)
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Jesus In Me  - Bride

1 Timothy 1:9 Isaiah 1:20 Isaiah 3:11 Isaiah 65:2 Jeremiah 5:23 Exodus 20:13)No body’s getting in nobodies getting’ out We got a live bomb and were going to blow the house.AK-47 thanks b . . .
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Jesus In My Life  - Jason Nelson

© copyright Brian Ray I get down upon my knees When I think of you And what you've done for me You brought me back And gave to me A precious gift for all to see Jesus in my life For all to see Jesus in my life For all . . .
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Jesus In You  - Twila Paris

The eyes are young I won't deny it But oh, the dream of tender youth The seed is small Do not despise it Put on the robe and speak the truth `Cause the only thing that matters When the day has turned to nig . . .
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Jesus Is  - Jaci Velasquez

You`re my best friend In spite of flaws I can`t believe You`re always there You hear my prayers You are my rock You harbor truth I can see you`re light shine everywhere Its all around me You never judge me for my faults . . .
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Jesus Is  - Richard Smallwood

Jesus Isby Fred Hammond & Radical For ChristFrom CD: The Inner CourtHow wonderful it is to know that Jesus isAll that I need to make my life completeAnd He's so much more, YeahHe reached for me when all elseWent awayHe w . . .

Jesus Is A Love Song  - Rev John Flowers

I keep hearing this melody in my earI keep feeling His presence so nearMusic, so sweet and completeLike the voice of an angelIt ministers to meCHORUS:A love songBeautiful songLove song Sweet, simple songCould it be a dre . . .
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Jesus Is His Name  - Kurt Carr

Jesus Is His NameRev. Quincy Fielding, Jr.And The Quincy Fielding, Jr. Mass ChoirWords and Music by Rev. Quincy Fielding, Jr.Album: In ConcertHe is mighty than a mountainHe is deeper than the oceanHe is broader than the . . .
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Jesus Is His name  - Ramiyah

Jesus Is His Name(written by Rev. Quincy Fielding Jr., Doretha Wade-Wilkerson)(recorded by Ricky Dillard & The New Generation Chorale)Verse 1:He is mighty as a mountain.He is wider than the river.He is deeper than the o . . .
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Jesus is Jehovah to Me  - Daniel Amos

I can tell you're a sincere manAnd I'm tryin' my best to understandBut your words are confusin', it seems you're abusin'God's Word that's there in your handNow a Christian you say you areBut that's stretchin' the Truth m . . .
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Jesus Is Just Alright  - Leigh Nash

Jesus is still alright with me Jesus is still alright, oh yeah Jesus is still alright with me Jesus is still alright Toby Mac, and the Mac is back no slack On a DC track that's jacked, beyond comprehension I believe tha . . .
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Jesus, He's my friend. I said Jesus, He's my friend He took me by the hand Led me far from this land Jesus, He's my friend . . .
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Jesus Is Life  - Steven Curtis Chapman

Ladies and Gentleman, children of all ages Anyone listening, I’ve got an announcement to make There’s been some confusion about a certain someone A lot of discussion and a lot of debate So if I may take j . . .

Jesus Is Lord  - Charles Taylor

Jesus Is LordWritten by Andrae CrouchVerse 1:There are so many people who have walked this earth, thinking that they know the truth.So they often criticize the way I believe and they say, “tell me where is your proof . . .
Charles Taylor  |  View Lyrics

Jesus Is Lord  - Richard Smallwood

They're gonna know that it's trueThere were so many people who have walked this earthThinkin that they know the truthSo they often crititize the way I believeAnd they say "Tell me, tell me where is your proof?" . . .

Jesus is Lord of All  - Keith Green

Jesus is lord of all, jesus is lord of all, No sin is too big, no problem too small, Jesus is lord of all. Jesus is king of kings, my lord is king of kings, Presidents, princes, paupers will sing, Jesus is king of kings . . .
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Jesus Is Love  - Londa Larmond

(Also recorded by Lionel Richie)Verse 1:Father, help Your children,and don’t let them fall by the side of the road.And teach them to love one another,that heaven might finda place in their hearts.Chorus:‘Cause Jesus . . .
Londa Larmond  |  View Lyrics

Jesus Is Love  - New Direction

(Also recorded by Lionel Richie)Verse 1:Father, help Your children,and dont let them fall by the side of the road.And teach them to love one another,that heaven might finda place in their hearts.Chorus:Cause Jesus is lo . . .
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Jesus Is Mine  - Kierra Sheard

Jesus Is Mine(written by V. Michael McKay)(recorded by Alvin Slaughter and also Florida Mass Choir)Chorus:Jesus is mine,Jesus is mine,everywhere I go, everywhere I be;oh Jesus is mine.Bridge:Tenors: Morning...Altos/Sopr . . .
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It's fun to turn the amp up to 11And sing so loud you can't understand the wordsAnd sometimes that's okay when they're not profoundBut I need to sing this kind of song tonightChorus:Because Jesus is my best friendAnd whe . . .
Silage  |  View Lyrics

Jesus Is My Everything  - By The Tree

What would we do if love were dead? What would we say with all those silly things inside our head? Well I don't mean to cause a scene But we've forgotten all the important things I want each word I speak to be the . . .
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