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Christian Music Song Titles (Beginning with J)

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Christian Song Titles "J" Search Results (50-100)
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Jeckyl & Hyde  - Disciple

My nature's sinful from my birth and I have trouble finding my worthMy mind is filled with evil thoughtsand I forget everything that I was taughtI keep on going back to my waysI live to please myself and stay awayCaught . . .
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Jefferson Aero Plane  - Relient K

if it hurts,kiss it betteryou wear skirts,i write nice lettersnever said nothing with flowersthough we always talked for hoursand it seems to get much colderwhen you cry on your own shoulderand we know the showmust go on . . .
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Jehovah Jireh  - Deliverance

-Public DomainJehovah Jireh my providerHis grace is sufficient for meFor me, for meJehovah Jireh my providerHis grace is sufficient for meThe Lord shall provide all my needsAccording to His riches in GloryThe Lord shall . . .
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Jehovah Nissi  - Mortification

Jehovah Nissi(Exodus 17:8-16)ChorusJehovah Nissi, the Lord is my banner in warJehovah Nissi, upholding the armour of GodAmalek came at IsraelMoses ordered Joshua choose some menGo out and fightTomorrow I will stand on to . . .
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JehovahNissi  - Mortification

(Exodus 17:8-16) Chorus Jehovah Nissi, the Lord is my banner in war Jehovah Nissi, upholding the armour of God Amalek came at Israel Moses ordered Joshua choose some men Go out and fight Tomorrow I will stand on top of t . . .
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Jekyll & Hyde  - Petra

I have a secret that I let nobody see An evil shadow that's been hanging over me My alter ego that I try to hold at bay But despite my good intentions he can always get away He does the things that I don't want to do Som . . .
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Jekyll And Hyde  - Petra

I have a secret that I let nobody see An evil shadow that's been hanging over me My alter ego that I try to hold at bay But despite my good intentions he can always get away He does the things that I don't wan . . .
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Jen's Song  - Bleach

guess I was waitingfor something better to comesome sort of greatnessmaybe you are the onesometimes the greatest things are smallI found it out when I lost it allI've got a plan to make it workI know that I've been a jer . . .
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Jenna  - Kings X

Let me tell you somethingLet me tell you nothingLet me tell you everything that you don't knowCome in with your feelingsCome in are you leaving?Come and tell me everything that you know I can't wait to see you smileI can . . .
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Jennifer  - Blank Logic

Verse 1:Jennifer im really sorry for all the headaches caused by me,and I realize you are always there, why I cannot see.But I've got to let you know it's not in vain.Confusions the best to describe the time shared by yo . . .
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Jericho Faith  - Aaron Jeoffrey

All have walls to be torn apart Cold hard places rising up in the heart Standing in between what's holy and what's not We walk around deserts alone Chipping in vain at towering stones 'Til we find they're impossible . . .
Aaron Jeoffrey  |  View Lyrics

Jericho Faith  - DC Talk

Aaron & Jeoffrey - Jericho FaithAll have walls to be torn apartCold hard places rising up in the heartStanding in between what's holy and what's notWe walk around deserts aloneChipping in vain at towering stones'Til we f . . .
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Jerky Love Song  - Grammatrain

I can never pay my bills / I can never just sit still / never know what I should say / I hope you love me anywayHey, heyI know I can be obscene / I'm addicted to caffeine / I don't smile all the time / I hope that love i . . .
Grammatrain  |  View Lyrics

Jerusalem  - Holy Blood

Day will come, heaven will shineAll the land will burn thenAnd the holy town of JerusalemWill come down from heaven, in God's glory.All the land will burnWhen Jerusalem will come down.Holy town, JerusalemUnearthly, but c . . .
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Jerusalem's Cry  - Bishop Leonard Scott

Can you hear Jerusalem's cryCan you see the storm on the riseLook around you can;t denyThis is the hour of heaven's timeArmies gather in the EastFor the war that's soon to comeDeath will march with the mark of the beast . . .

Jesus  - Clark Sisters

Words and music by Shaun GrovesWhen we love the leastWhen we love the weakWhen we love theseWe love JesusJesus brings a meal for tipsJesus trying hard to quitJesus raising two aloneJesus drives a heavy loadChorusWhen we . . .
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Jesus  - Dogwood

Jesus the man without sin.Sent to die for the wrong of mankind. How sad His Father must have been,To send His one and only Son to die for the lives of you and I,Now let me tell you why, Jesus Christ died for us. A necess . . .
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Jesus  - Fred Hammond

Rich Mullins, Mitch McVicker, and Dana WaddelMatthew 14:22-33, Matthew 27:57-60, Luke 5:18-26Luke 8:22-25, John 5:1-8John 19:16-18, Revelation 3:5JesusThey say You walked upon the water onceWhen you lived as all men doPl . . .
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Jesus  - Institutional Church of God In Christ

Jesus(written by Harold Troy)(recorded by Shirley Caesar)Jesus, Jesus,He’s the only one that can help You.If you go to Him and be sincere,His blood will restore your soul. . . .

Jesus  - Kim Burrell

When ears open up wideWhen blinders fall from eyes to the floorWhen everyone will be down on bended knee before the LordAll will know thenBut we pray right nowJesusA mighty revelationJesusComing to the nationsJesusLike . . .
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Jesus  - Ramiyah

Jesus(written by John P. Kee)(recorded by John P. Kee & The New Life Community Choir)Verse:Jesus, Jesus, oh, how I love to call Your name, hallelujah.Jesus, I am no longer the same...Chorus:Since You came into my life Je . . .
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Jesus Part 1  - The Lads

(INTRO)I'm calling youCalling you from my dark roomWhere I cannot seeWhere I cannot seeAnd the sheets feel coldAs they clench me closeAs they crush the spirit, that harbours lifeFor I'm lonely as the world presses inAs t . . .
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Jesus Part 2  - The Lads

Artist: The Lads Album: Arbor Day Song: Jesus (Part 2) (V1)No matter what I've doneYour love remains the sameWhen I think there's no oneYou pick me up again(PC)You wash me, with your loveYou mend me, my broken heartWhen . . .
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Jesus And The California Kid  - Bishop Leonard Scott

CHORUS Jesus and the California Kid Oh what Jesus did, for the California kid There's a school kid on the coastline Who's the textbook case of cool He's out of sight he surfs alright And he ain't nobody's fool He's got . . .

Jesus Blood  - Delirious

There's a secret I must tellOf all the love I've foundAnd it's hidden in my heartThe day you tore my world apartHallelujah, King forever, friend and SaviourJesus' blood never fails me,Jesus' blood never fails me,Jesus' b . . .
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Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet  - Youth For Christ

Jesus' blood never failed me yet Never failed me yet Jesus' blood never failed me yet This one thing I know That He loves me so Jesus' blood never failed me yet Never failed me yet Jesus' blood never failed me yet This . . .

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