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Christian Music Song Titles (Beginning with J)

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Christian Song Titles "J" Search Results (600-650)
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Just To Look At You  - Fred Hammond

I would give my sould just to look at you And everything I know just to see it through To let all the others fade away And turn all my darkness into day My love, I would give my soul just to look at you Would you believe . . .
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Just To Please You  - Commissioned

I gaze into my eyesI wander what my future holds for me in YouI pray all day and nightThat I would do just what You want me toI will live my life for YouJust to please You, FatherIs my one desireIt burns in meLike a bla . . .
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Just Try  - Starflyer 59

So this is how it feels when you've got no oneSo this is how it feels when you've got no homeI don't wanna be aloneSitting by a no ringing telephoneI don't wanna be aloneSo we'll just tryJust try...So this is how it feel . . .
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Just Until Sundown  - Further Seems Forever

Spent too many hours holding up wallsstanding in corners and clenching my jawwatching you watching the ones that I wanted to be.Blaming this all on the momentblaming this all on my viewsblaming the mood of the musicblami . . .

Just Wait  - Skys The Limit

jump in the mess of human lives undressed and sin uconfessed, and see beauty look at the sea of misfits and misery and cry 'til you bleed and see beauty that's was god does, why can't we? waste all the best on the most d . . .
Skys The Limit  |  View Lyrics

Just Wanted To Make Mother Proud  - Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster

I couldn't catch my breath, layin thereFading in and out, and I can remember Mother tellin meHome is where the heart is, but my heart has long been blackComin to the end of my road, but I never wanted it like this, not l . . .

Just What I Needed  - Ghoti Hook

i don't mind you coming hereand wasting all my time'cause when you're standing oh so neari kinda lose my mindit's not the perfume that you wearit's not the ribbons in your hairi don't mind you coming hereand wasting all . . .
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Justice And Mercy  - Virtue

You've put a new song in my mouthIt is a hymn of praise to YouJus-tice and mercy are its themeAnd I will live it back to YouThe kind of fast You've chosen, Lord It must reach outTo broken lives and to the poor So change . . .
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Justice Prevails  - Further Seems Forever

Artist: Further Seems Forever Album: From The 27th State Song: Justice Prevails You make it so easy to runWell I'm still crawlingI'm still crawling.Now I'm game for the feeding chain,And their still scrapingTheir still c . . .

Justified  - Extol

Twisted intentionLucifer, the highest angelWanting to overthrone GodNo impurity tolerated in God's presenceLike a lightningFalling down to earthWith his angels now appearingAs pathetic demons of hellSly and maliciousFill . . .
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JW  - The Huntingtons

no he doesn't like to drinkand he doesn't care what people thinkwhen he tells them he loves godamd nobody seens to carethat he's lost a lot of hairand that he still lives with his momsomeday i hope to meet himtalk to him . . .
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