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Christian Music Song Titles (Beginning with I)

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Christian Song Titles "I" Search Results (2600-2650)

It's So Sad  - Lost Dogs

Morning after morningDay after dayLife goes onIn the same old wayNo variationOr so it seemsSometimes we realizeOur nightmaresNot our dreamsOh, It's sadWoah-oh, It's so sadWhen someone says they Found The AnswerYou tell h . . .
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It's the Beat  - Deliverance

It's The BeatThey Say Is SatanicHA HA HAIt's The BeatThat Causes The Flesh To Give InIt's The BeatYou Ignorant Fool, Study The First Eight Chapers Of RomansIt's The BeatDon't Give Me Your OpinionShow Me A Chapter And A V . . .
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It's You Jesus  - PFR Pray For Rain

I'm looking for peaceI'm hoping to findSomething to slow downThe hands of timeIt's all slipping away... slipping awayMoving so fastIt's out of my reachAnd out of my graspI'm searching for TruthI know it must beSomewhere . . .
PFR Pray For Rain  |  View Lyrics

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