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Christian Music Song Titles (Beginning with I)

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Christian Song Titles "I" Search Results (2550-2600)

It's Not Eden  - ApologetiX

I can't stand to lie; I got that from Eve I just had a bite; You gave her, Lord, to me I warned her at first; I more than explained That's more than some pretty fruit beside a snake But it's not easy to be deceived I wi . . .
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It's Not Over Until It's Over  - Balance Of Power

A change of heart is no excuse to turn me looseAnd I play the part but the fool in me could never hear youFools loveMy fingers ache from holding onFools loveThe clouds that hide your love are gone[chorus]It's not over un . . .

It's Ok  - Delirious

Take me or leave me, don't have to believe me All the words I have to say, all the songs that fly away Take me or leave me, believe me good will come It's OK, you know I'll live to fight another day It's OK, you know I' . . .
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It's On  - Superchick

It all comes down to this You take your best shot, might miss You take it anyway You're gonna make your move today Got the will, you'll find the way To change the world some day Grab this moment before it's gone Today's . . .
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It's Only Been Four Days  - Poor Rich Folk

I'm just a loc'd out brother Com'n straight from S.D. Just another islander, beaner, wop, minority Taught to love one antogher, all races All tipes of colors, different skin, different faces Can you answer my question, w . . .
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Like the virus in my veinsA broken window paneJaws are locked into placeMingled cup thrown in my faceI live in a house of clayViolated and dismayedI don't want to be a dreamIn somebody else's sleepIt is only when I'm lef . . .
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It's Over Now  - 4th Avenue Jones

I want some Brand Nubian Pac and Rakim Biggie, Nas Really dont make emcees like they used to Freestyle Fellowship D.O.C, Pharaoh Monch Jay, Ahmad, and Thought from the Roots crew Thats a hood whos who Now what you dudes . . .

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