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Christian Music Song Titles (Beginning with I)

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Christian Song Titles "I" Search Results (1500-1550)

I've Always Loved You  - Third Day

I don't know how to explain itBut I know that words will hardly doMiracles with signs and wondersAren't enough for me to prove to youDon't you know I've always loved youEven before there was timeThough you turn awayI'll . . .
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I've Found Jesus  - Delirious

Well I hear they're singing in the streets thatJesus is aliveAnd all creation shouts aloud thatJesus is aliveNow surely we can all be changed 'cosJesus is aliveAnd everybody here can know thatJesus is aliveAnd I will liv . . .
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I've Got  - The 77s

you get me going in every way can i make you come in my direction? what's it gonna take babe? are you gonna hear a single word that i say? i've got something i've got me when i get ready then you're gonna see you won't e . . .
The 77s  |  View Lyrics

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