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Christian Music Song Titles (Beginning with H)

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Christian Song Titles "H" Search Results (1750-1800)
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Hunger And Thirst  - Hezekiah Walker

You are my Shepherd, I'm Your little lamb You lead me to the still water here in the pastureland Sometimes I willfully wander, That's when I stumble and fall CHORUS: I hunger and thirst for mercy, I hunger and thirst fo . . .
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Hunger for Life  - Seventh Avenue

For a much too long timeWe didn't know what's going onIt almost seemed as if we didn't want toOur world is like a cageA cell painted in greyAnd someone made us believe that grey is okayOh, we were like sheep led to the s . . .
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Hungry Days  - Impellitteri

I was a young boy when I heard the music callstaring at the concert stage my spirit craved it allblinded by the spotlight, seduction rules the gamesold my soul to rock and roll,there's no one else to blameI still feel th . . .
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Hunting  - Ashton Nyte

Come closer angel you are everything in meI live on repercussions since the time you set me freeAnd it seems the world is just the flavour you don't wantLet's get the dirt up it's much deeper in the huntLet's goHuntingCo . . .
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Huntingtons At The Beach  - The Huntingtons

all the girls and guys will be therehangin' out in the sunschool s out and the time is rightfor havin' lots of funleave the van parked in the drivewayand mom will have a cowthen we can head down to the surfeven though we . . .
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Hurricane Baby  - Tamela Mann

A breeze from the south come passing byAnd that's when I found my sweety pieCHORUS:You're my hurricane baby (hurricane)My hurricane baby (hurricane)I love you in the windI love you an the rainYou're my hurricaneNow my h . . .
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Hurricanes  - Five Iron Frenzy

Yo toda via espero un milagro, Yo toda via te espero a ti. The sunlight is fading, the longest shadows have been cast. Like songs from a siren, hurricanes from the past. And I am a failure, defeated every time, so let me . . .

Hurry  - Sleeping At Last

Hurry, HurryCome quicklyAnd leave all knowledge aside.Don't say a word.Just listen carefully to me.The world is oursIf we could only let it be.Every move we makeWill trigger another.And every small mistakeWill be a messe . . .

Hurt  - Thousand Foot Krutch

Drop the ball, watch it fall far belowSuck you in, hold your breathThe undertow creeps in slowEveryone owns a gun deep insideIt's just a matter of how much you let it slideHelp me, help youThey won't be thereHelp me, hel . . .

Hurts To Ask  - Focused

this quiet panic that I feel, it's a pain inside that won't go away,but sometimes, sometimes it can hit so hard,so hard and it's like I'm the only one.When it comes down I pretend that I'm so strong, so strong, what coul . . .
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Hush  - The Halo Friendlies

who says my time is up?who says my light is out?what do they hang around?why do i have to shout?my simple days, they're slipping awayand i'm stuck in here, trying to get awayfrom all the eyes that are looking at meand th . . .

Hush  - Youthful Praise

Chorus: God is standing by So hush, don't you worry Don't cry God is standing by So hush, don't you worry Don't cry Repeat Chorus And when troubles come Don't cry, no don't cry When all your dreams And would be fortunes . . .
Youthful Praise  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Hutterite Mile  - 16 Horsepower

on from here walkin dreams awakei think not i think notthe sky comes king blown in every directionand of no countryi am strawit is no mysteryi know my way from hereiron sharpens ironcrooked wooden and peacock blacki have . . .
16 Horsepower  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Hymm  - Indwelling

Enthroned and exalted I rejoice that you've befriende me To the ends of the earth you've bestowed your blessings I bow my head to you in reverence Forever I will delight in your protection You surround me in . . .
Indwelling  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Hymn  - Indwelling

Enthroned and exalted I rejoice that you've befriende me To the ends of the earth you'vebestowed your blessings I bow my head to you in reverence Forever I will delight in your protection You surround me in your favor wi . . .
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Hymn  - Norman Hutchings

Oh refuge of my hardened heart Oh fast pursuing lover come As angels dance 'round Your throne My life by captured fare You own Not silhouette of trodden faith Nor death shall not my steps be guide I'll pirouette upon mi . . .

Hymy hyytyy  - Terapia

Terapia  |  View Lyrics

Hypnotized  - Pillar

It's been far too long, we've known all along This was going on, can't seem to respond to anything, so, we carry on With our lives, we rewind, we can't find, we deny The simple fact that we haven't done anything Doesn't . . .
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Hypothetical  - Too Bad Eugene

How do you know which seeds a man has sownBefore he reaps themHow do you see the words that one might readBefore they're writtenWhere will we go? How will we know until we get there?It seems so slow til time reminds us w . . .
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Hypothetical Life  - Coriolis

Nights filled with sadness drive me to madness. Unlock the memories that run through my head. My past and present feel most unpleasant. I wake up only to stay in my bed. Tears can't be shed.Illusions corrupting my view B . . .
Coriolis  |  View Lyrics

Hysterical Chanting In Tongues  - Silence The Epilogue

These icons tend to manipulate us from within observe this disease, proximity clenching its teeth again. Now I am facing your barricades encased in flames. This could last us a life time with both versions endorsed, we c . . .
Silence The Epilogue  |  View Lyrics

Hysterical History  - Veni Domine

WatchingFrom a static viewOne passwordEnter, and proceedPale lightBurns my starring eyesI'm insideA new realityThe world is like a spinning wheelOf high technologyI have lost my sense to feelWhat is haunting... me?Slavin . . .
Veni Domine  |  View Lyrics

Hyvä  - Terapia

tässä illuusiossa jossakuvittelemme tajuavammerakkaus on ainoa tie joka vieyhtään minnekäänmutta rakkaus vaikea lahjavaatii aikaa mielikuvitustakun ajat ovat olleet raskaatolen epäillyt selviydynkà . . .
Terapia  |  View Lyrics

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