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Christian Music Song Titles (Beginning with H)

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Christian Song Titles "H" Search Results (1100-1150)
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Hide Your Heart  - Balance Of Power

Come a little closer baby, by my side,Look into my eyes now,And tell me what you see,Loving you, it seems so hard to do, you see,You're all I ever wanted,All I ever needed in my life,All night long, waiting for the dawn . . .

Hiding Place  - Hangnail

I'm getting older so I've been toldIt's time to grow up, time to caretime to let the passions goDisregard your fascination yearsOnce you've grown up life's unfairAfraid of taking the final stepWill we make it, will I fai . . .
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Hiding Place  - Youthful Praise

Amidst the sorrows of the wayLord Jesus, teach my soul to prayLet me taste Thy special graceAnd run to Christ, my hiding placeYou know the vileness of my heartSo prone to act the rebel's partAnd when You veil Your lovely . . .
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High  - Calibretto 13

You go right; I'll go left Sometimes we dont agree But thats ok cuz' in the end We're still brothers you and me We'll go to steak and shakes sometimes Cuz we hang out every night And we do the same ol' thing Sometimes we . . .
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High Above  - Jaded Thorns

So many faces, lost in a sea of envy.Imagine the traces, left by the tears I've cried.Tortured and tempted, never once giving in.Homeless and humble, lacking the will to fight.Empty and aching, walking this path I've cho . . .
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High and Lifted up  - Brooklyn Tabernacle

HIGH AND LIFTED UP [Brooklyn Tabernacle]High and lifted up in all the earth is who you areHigh and lifted up in all the earth is who you are High and lifted up in all the earth is who you areLord we exalt your name Lord . . .

High And Lifted Up  - Fred Hammond

High and Lifted UpBy Brooklyn Tabernacle ChoirWritten by Carol Cymbala/Oliver WellsArranged by Carol CymbalaFrom CD: High and Lifted UpVerse:There is no other who deserves all of the praiseNo other, Lord we worship you t . . .
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High And Lifted Up  - Juanita Bynum

High And Lifted Up (written by Michael McDowell) (recorded by Rudolph McKissick, Jr. & The Word and Worship Mass Choir)Verse 1:Oh Lord, we praise, we praise, we praise-a Your name.Oh Lord, we praise, we praise, we prais . . .
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High And Mighty  - According To John

You and I, We are here for now But someday we’ll be gone Like the flowers and the grass And every melody of every song I see the midnight sky and I Wonder why I’m on the mind of one Higher than I He . . .
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High Countries  - Leigh Nash

A bus station, in the steam from the rain In this line of pale strangers, should I go or stay? The whole field of vision, fades beneath me now And the houses spread for a million miles in this gray town And the weight o . . .
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High Of 75  - Relient K

We were talking togetherI said, “What's up with this weather?”Don't know whether or notHow sad I just gotWas on my own volitionOr if I'm just missing the sunAnd tomorrow I knowWill be rainy at bestAnd the for . . .
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High Praise  - Joe Pace and The Colorado Mass Choir

High Praise(recorded by Bishop Paul Morton & The Greater St. Stephens Mass Choir)Let the High Praise of GodBe in my mouth I prayAnd the victory shall be mineLet the High Praise beginLet the High Praise begin(repeat x3)P . . .

High School  - Superchick

[chorus] it's high school could be a mini me of the rest of society there's always a prom queen there'll always be, always be sororities but sadly some will be eternally keeping score for popularity and just 'coz . . .
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High School RockNRoll  - The Huntingtons

summer's over and the bells are ringin'down the halls the girls are singin'to the boys who will be bringin'their science books to classit's 2 o'clock and they can't sit stillbrains are tired and they've lost their willto . . .
The Huntingtons  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

High Standards  - MxPx

you'll never be th manthey want you to beyou've got no goals inlife it don't make sinceto see someoneforgotten someone youused to know is there areason no one seems tocare no one can give youthe life you get what hesaid . . .
MxPx  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

High Tide  - Cadet

You're a hightide, you keep carrying me away Leave the sand behind and I wont resist All ths time you've never lost it And nor will I If I tried to hide it from you My heart would tell the truth I want you, I know you wa . . .
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HighStrung Poets  - The Evan Anthem

You wrote yourself in camouflageto see your eyes spelled out just right and youfired your last cannon ball-point pen.Across your parchment battlefieldso toiled in rhyme and meter andyour war of words began to meet its He . . .
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Higher  - Jason Nelson

© copyright Brian Ray, Crystal Lewis Hear my cry oh God Listen to my prayer From the end of the earth I cry out to you Lead me to The might rock That is higher than I Lead me to The might rock That is higher than I Let . . .
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Higher  - John Reuben

Let me shoot straight, clear up any mistake And take a moment or two just to reiterate Never did I think that I was anything great, no Well I simply said my name just to fill in the blanks John Reuben, the professional r . . .
John Reuben  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Higher / I Believe In You  - Youthful Praise

VERSE 1For unto us a Saviour cameAmazing grace that takes the weightVERSE 2His name is hope for all the earthHis name now and beyond this lifeGod with usPRE CHORUSAnd You shall be called Almighty GodAnd we shall declareH . . .
Youthful Praise  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Higher Ground  - 38th Parallel

Your smile cuts through a smoky room, chasing silence from the air Your empty eyes and hollow smile complement your vacant stare There's something more to stand on, something of worth to live your life on Chorus Higher g . . .
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Higher Ground  - Clarence Robinson

Higher Ground(written by Johnson Oatman, Jr.)(arranged by Thomas Whitfield and Rev. Jasper Williams)(recorded by Thomas Whitfield & The Thomas Whitfield Company)Verse 1:I’m pressing on the upward way,new heights I’m . . .
Clarence Robinson  |  View Lyrics

Higher Love  - The Lads

(V1)You walk in your front doorYou're hearing the sounds of warThere's no use to keep the scoreSo you're walking back out your front door(CH)But there's a higher loveCan make a new tomorrowHigher love(V2)You know that th . . .
The Lads  |  View Lyrics

Higher Place Of Praise  - Fred Hammond

Higher Place Of Praiseby Cece WinansNow there's a place that's blessedNow there's a place that's blessedWhere we find happinessWhere we find happinessA place of Sabbath restA higher price of praise (praise, praise)We li . . .
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