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Christian Music Song Titles (Beginning with H)

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Christian Song Titles "H" Search Results (1000-1050)
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Here To Stay  - Deuteronomium

i think everyone of us is waiting for something superprince or princess or whatever it is that could make this perfectbut life ain't easy, life ain't perfect and it's not even fairbut still I love the life that's given t . . .
Deuteronomium  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Here We Are  - Fred Hammond

Once in a lifetimeIt seemed so far awayNot in my wildest dreamsCould I ever found this peaceYou have a special heartThat looked beyond my needYou saw me in my search for mercyHere we areIn the shelter of your wingsIt's h . . .
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Here We Are  - New Direction

Once in a lifetimeIt seemed so far awayNot in my wildest dreamsCould I ever found this peaceYou have a special heartThat looked beyond my needYou saw me in my search for mercyHere we areIn the shelter of your wingsIt's h . . .
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Here We Are  - Saint

Saint  |  View Lyrics

Here We Are Gathered  - Glenn Kaiser Band

Here we are gathered togetherTo worship You, LordHoly Spirit, lead usIn one accordHallelujah (3x)Jesus, we love YouWe love You soThank You for salvationCause our love to growHallelujah(6x) . . .
Glenn Kaiser Band  |  View Lyrics

Here We Come  - Jason Nelson

Here we come (Here we come) (4x) Here we come in the times Our people at fare Singin' our praise for our Worthy (Holy) God's heir We bring the decline of the evil that surrounds We stand firm together And claim this as . . .
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Here We Go  - Grand Incredible

I exist to do this it's on my wristI resist with both fist and I don't missYou can run from wrath but you run from factThere's no way back if you choose that pathAll were bound but now some run freein streets of mercy wh . . .
Grand Incredible  |  View Lyrics

Here We Go  - Youth For Christ

He never knew the meaningOf love until he'd seen herOh man, she really drives him crazyAnd she knows what she's doingHeart aches, he can't fight the feelingAnd won't stop until he tells herShe is his one and only ladyAn . . .

Here With Me  - DC Talk

I long for your embrace Every single day To meet you in this place And see you face to face Will you show me? Reveal yourself to me Because of your mercy I fall down on my knees And I can feel your presence here with me . . .
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Here With You  - Clarence Robinson

Here With You (written by Damien Sneed) (recorded by Twinkie Clark-Terrell)Verse: Here am I to bring You glory. Here am I to give You praise; even though my heart is broken, I found my (strength in You). Oh Lord, You . . .
Clarence Robinson  |  View Lyrics

Here's My Hand  - The Elms

We all want to get our way sometimes.We're all born then choose to give up our lives.You hooked me when You promised the Way,So from now until forever I say…Here's my hand, here's my hand.You told me I was good eno . . .
The Elms  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Here's My Heart  - Juanita Bynum

Dear Lord, are You there Listening to my little prayer I don't know exactly what to say I've been told that You love me Hear when I call Would help me when I fall I should let You have Your way What I guess I'm trying to . . .
Juanita Bynum  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Here's To Tomorrow  - Watashi Wa

Watching, waiting, growing to something, dreams don't seem so far away.hope you don't choke as you eat your words,goes to show God makes a way, dreams become reality.Knock that off, don't fear to dream, you'll only be if . . .
Watashi Wa  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Heresy  - Ninety Pound Wuss

I'm justified, I'm sanctified in youI'm nothing lessTorn apart inside myselfA dripping bloody messI need your love, your strength to guideFacing life renewedEach day in you I never needMaterials, health, or wealthNo, you . . .

Heritage of Faith  - Ricky Dillard

V. 1The patriarchs of old,The saints that now are goneTo their great rewardHeld fast to the struggle.Persistent through the years,Forging through their fears,They fought to change their worldFor the sake of the gospel.M . . .
Ricky Dillard  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Hero  - Fanmail

i want to be your real life superstar i think i've told you once before line them up bring them in wear me out to entertain you i wanna be the hero that you set your eyes upon build me up to tear me down i wanna be the h . . .
Fanmail  |  View Lyrics

Hero  - Rev John Flowers

HeroI bought the CD, downloaded the mp3I even bought the import from the JapaneseI read the bio to see what you're all aboutLet's put it this way folks, this guy is no boy scoutI'm missing the pointCHORUSWhat if I had a . . .
Rev John Flowers  |  View Lyrics

Herod's Violent Death  - Vengeance Rising

This Herod he was troubled, when he first learned of ChristLike so many of today, who neglect salvation lifeAnd do not give the Lord Christ Jesus, the glory due his nameThey try by their own righteousness, to enter Heave . . .
Vengeance Rising  |  View Lyrics

Heroes  - Bride

I'm standing on the sword of the Dragon He can't pull it from beneath my feet Down in the darkened cavern In the field of blood I'll watch him bleed Watching the smoke rise from the wounded hero Standing dazed in the aci . . .
Bride  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Heroes  - Jason Nelson

This squeaky clean appearanceI've been working onIs often in the wayOf the truth and life that I'm portrayingThis narrow road I'm walkingIs rising up to meet meMeet me right square in the faceI'm prayingLord guide us to . . .
Jason Nelson  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Heroes Will Be Heroes  - Cool Hand Luke

Well, look at yourself now Swinging that sword around You think there's something there But you're just fighting air You can't do this alone Hush, little boy, don't say a word Don't you know Daddy's got this one? Hey, li . . .
Cool Hand Luke  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Heroin  - Spitfire

i am the shrieking in the back of your headi am the child scratching at the walls of your basementi am what's buried in your back yardi am what's underneath your floorboards...watching youi am your sicknessi am your cure . . .
Spitfire  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Herself I Want A Girl  - Everyday Sunday

She walks along, trying to find a way outShe doesn�t know what to do, wants to do it herselfShe doesn�t see what she could beIf only she could see herselfCHORUSI want a girl that�ll stand up for what . . .
Everyday Sunday  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Hesitate  - Staple

Pleading with open eyes to see into your world tonight.Bleeding with open cries, on my faceand hoping that you'll prove my faith tonight.I'll never forget the times you made me wide awake inside,filling my empty cracks w . . .
Staple  |  View Lyrics

Hesitation  - Stacie Orrico

Why do, you spend all your time Watching life pass you by, hanging on to your pride All that, you can anticipate Hoping all your mistakes will somehow fade away What are you to do with this? It's either hit or miss You k . . .
Stacie Orrico  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Hevenu Shalom Alechem  - Fred Hammond

Hevenu Shalom Alechemby Brooklyn Tabernacle Choirfrom CD: Favorite Song Of AllTraditionalHevenu shalom alechemHevenu shalom alechemHevenu shalom alechemHevenu shalom, shalom, shalom alechem(repeat) . . .
Fred Hammond  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Hey  - Leeland

Id give myself to find You Stumble and fall to see You Youre worth it all To me You are Id swim across the stormy seas And scream it from the mountain peaks Youre worth it all To me You are (And I said) Hey Youre the one . . .
Leeland  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Hey Butterfly  - The Kreepdowns

You say I don't know what I wantI wanna be what I wanna beI care, it matters what you thinkEverybody's laughing at meHey Butterfly don't flutter byWhat's this, it cannot be for realThe devil kreeps in so carefullyWhat a . . .
The Kreepdowns  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Hey Child  - Crucial Kick

You and I of the neighbourhood, We think we've got it all so good.Front and back lawn with a pet, A mortgage debt, but don't give me thatDiverted from reality, The child is lost in Nintendo, seaThey cry, you don't want t . . .
Crucial Kick  |  View Lyrics

Hey Flower  - The Lads

(V1)Hey flower, dancing in the breezeYou have a power, brings me to my kneesLike a face that's beaming in a crowd of frownsYou're a verb that's screaming in a bunch of nouns Like a razor blade, like a garden spadeYou dug . . .
The Lads  |  View Lyrics

Hey Joe  - Pocket Change

Hey Hey Joe! . . .
Pocket Change  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Hey June  - East West

Hey June, I can't believeyou going away again this fall.Hey June I can't take much more of this at allCause life was meant to be so much more than you are...Hey June, I didn't hear you come in late again last nightHey Ju . . .
East West  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Hey Little Brother  - Ray Boltz

CHORUS: Hey, little brother, welcome back home It's good to see you again Hey, little brother, welcome back home To your family and your friends CHORUS Now you do not know What your Father's been through At . . .
Ray Boltz  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

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