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Christian Music Song Titles (Beginning with H)

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Christian Song Titles "H" Search Results (650-700)
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Head Held High  - Warren Barfield

They say you learn from your mistakes Well I guess I should be a genius For all the times Ive fallen on my face Tangled in my weakness Wishing someone would say Keep your head held high Dont stop believing You are Gods c . . .
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Head In A Cloud  - The Lads

Maybe your view of quality is more than you can be You bear your ideology so stoically That all that you can see, is inferiority Here I am, my head in a cloud Can't you see my feet dangling, down there on the ground? I g . . .
The Lads  |  View Lyrics

I was born into this world no identity of my ownSo, I believed every word that my sweet mother toldWhen I was a child, I learned the devil waysI could fight with the best of themI could resist the painAs I became a man, . . .
Bride  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

I was born into this world no identity of my own So, I believed every word that my sweet mother told When I was a child, I learned the devil ways I could fight with the best of them I could resist the pain As I became a . . .
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Head On Collision  - Hawk Nelson

He was a simple boy, he just liked to have fun He never wanted to be just like his dad was He was a dreamer but he had never had none Who made the most of his life but never had one He was a single boy he could never slo . . .
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Head Over Heels  - Kids In The Way

Originally by Tears For Fears I wanted to be with you alone And talk about the weather But traditions I can trace against the child in your face Won't escape my attention You keep your distance via the system o . . .
Kids In The Way  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Head over here and take meHead over heels and aching When I told you I was yoursI was yoursIn this life, you’re the one place I call home In this life, you’re the feeling I belong In this life, you’re the flower an . . .
Switchfoot  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Head Under Water  - Like David

Your headIs so deep now.You don't knowWhere to look.I'll show you,I said how.And I know youYou tried so hardBut youNever wanted toGoThatFarOnly you can.How long?How long will youHow long?How long will youYou hold upYour . . .
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Headed  - Downhere

Anchor up, tow me out of this pit I'm dreadingTurn this vessel's path aroundI look above, I'm in loveWith the pace you're settingFrom this stream we're ocean boundChorusAnd I know for sure I'm headed straight for the edg . . .
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At the beginning things were easier; all I did was call Your nameNow I want to go deeper, I don't want to stay the sameIt's going to take a little sacrifice, but I'm sure it's all worth the priceJust another step higher . . .
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Headlights  - The Classic Crime

A summer drive away from dying: a broken heart nothing to lose. I know it hurts so bad just trying to please the ones you hate to love. And I wrote this note about someone I used to know so I'd remember how life can be s . . .

There's a place in the human soulWhere we want to be in charge of everythingTake controlIt's not easy to lose the reignsWhen we feel that we're responsible for all our gainsBut the fact of the matter isThat the credit is . . .
Tourniquet  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Heads Like Humans  - Headnoise

Have you heard the prophecy in Revelation 1 2 3 4Forsaking truth the earth will mourn as Christ returnsSo it shall beIsaiah, Joel, Luke and John all prophecied the wrath to comeThere's a sea of bloodMountains fallGod is . . .
Headnoise  |  View Lyrics

Headstrong IA demo  - Jars Of Clay

Controlled, moderate, plasticAware and openly perfectTo know everythingAnd not see anythingIngest completely impressiveYou wear the law as a jacketIt keeps you warmIt keeps you warmCHORUSAnd I don't know what you've been . . .
Jars Of Clay  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Heal Me  - DC Talk

Aaron & Jeoffrey - Heal MeIt's another good-to-see-you Sunday morningOh, I hardly hear the words roll off my tongueLooking in myself for signs of somethingThat's long goneOh, I stumble through a verse that says You love . . .
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Heal Me  - Jaded Thorns

Whisper in your ear.Running in your veins.Burning in your mind.Covering your pain, Your pain...Your pain!Your pain!Whisper in your ear.Running in your veins.Burning in your mind.Covering your pain, Your pain...Your pain! . . .
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Heal Me Back  - Gryp

I'm sick of merely existing.Day to day.No hope.I need something more to replace this emptiness.Strength from within.(((Chorus))):God heal me back to the place like a little child looking for the one he really wants to be . . .
Gryp  |  View Lyrics

Heal The Land  - Jerry Washington

Heal The Land(recorded by Luther Barnes)In a world full of distructionIn a world where men don't believeAll the Christians are striving trying to make itAnd the devil is always busy trying to destroy and to deceiveDon't . . .
Jerry Washington  |  View Lyrics

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