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Christian Music Song Titles (Beginning with G)

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Christian Song Titles "G" Search Results (250-300)
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Giving It Up  - Kurt Carr

Giving It Upby Wilmington Chester Mass ChoirWritten by Howard Kennedy, Garland "Miche" WalkerBased on Psalms 100Album: Live We come beforeYour presence with singingGiving thanks for all you've doneWe give than . . .
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Giving My All  - Juanita Bynum

Everyday I face my fears Will I make it through the years of all the pressures, All the bad times that come my way And then there's the enemy around Who wants to make me lose my ground for earthly treasures All the wrong . . .
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Giving Up  - Last Tuesday

(Chorus)I’m not giving up my time thinking about how I hateEveryone everything,I can’t believe I let it get this far,I’m letting go(VS1)I’m holding onTo what you did last weekendI know you meantevery word you sai . . .
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Giving Up Hurts the Most  - Jason Nelson

Angels mourn crying, praying for your soulAs my eyes open from their state of sleep I feel my bloodTurn into a frozen riverNightmares so close death was in the airMy heart locked shut, and I gave you the keyPromise neve . . .
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Glücklich Sein  - Allee Der Kosmonauten

Will ich von der Stra? singen Krieg' Gold und Platin und 'nen Jet dafr? Fahr' zum Shoppen nach St.Moritz Und zum Yachting an die Cote D'Azur Will ich leben wie ein Popstar? Mit Rhymes und Trax und Sex ab in die Charts Wi . . .
Allee Der Kosmonauten  |  View Lyrics

Glad About It  - Clarence Robinson

It's another day's journey and I'm gladI'm glad about itI'm glad about itI'm glad about itIt another day's journey and I'm gladI'm glad about itI'm so glad to be hereLord you brought meFrom a mighty long wayLord you kep . . .
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Glad About It  - Phil Keaggy

It's another day's journey and I'm gladI'm glad about itI'm glad about itI'm glad about itIt another day's journey and I'm gladI'm glad about itI'm so glad to be hereLord you brought meFrom a mighty long wayLord you kep . . .
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Glad I've Got Jesus  - Clarence Robinson

Glad I've Got Jesus(written by Harvey Watkins)(recorded by Canton Spirituals)Glad I've got Jesus, down in my heartGlad I've got Jesus, down in my heartI'm glad I got Jesus, down in my heartChurch I'm glad I got Jesus, y . . .
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Glad Morning  - Bryan Duncan

The darkest hour's approaching Stilled by the silent stars Time is slowly passing by Sun has left the sky Where is the power in hoping Blinding confusion reigns On the night of a second day The night before the day
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Glass Eye  - Woven Hand

deeply shaken see I come that wayill at ease in my own skinI hum along to the down home dronedown in my soul to stayain't gonna listen to my own noiseeven though I love the soundit come back hollow on hollowwhen it come . . .
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Glass Half Nothing  - Nodes Of Ranvier

Can you still be moved by song or are you too far gone?It's all there but I refuse to believe the negativity will tear away you lifeUnanswered questions continue clogging sight they'll never ceaseThey'll chew you up, the . . .

Glass House  - Jaci Velasquez

Come on in Sometimes it feels as though my life is like a test With expectations that i've got to be the best Feels like everybody's always watchin' One little slip gets people talkin' So many unkind words are spoken Yo . . .
Jaci Velasquez  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Glass In the Trees  - Dead Poetic

I don't want to come back here, to this place.It's a cold that only comes from blaming yourself for two decades wasted.And I don't want to come back here, to this place.When it all just repeats in my head again, and I ca . . .
Dead Poetic  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Glass Table  - Fighting Jacks

Theres nothing like being torn apart By what holds you together Should have built my house in something solid Standing in the center of a glass table But cant see through until it breaks I lose my breath, and now I ask, . . .
Fighting Jacks  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Glass To Arson  - Anberlin

Tonight my heart is cold lost in your lies, shallow replies And gravity prevails this time its over And you think you're the one Calm me with your lies your simple tragedy It's all I wish to hear tonight and your . . .
Anberlin  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Glass To The Arson  - Reed Temple Mass Choir

Side by side we face each other Standing here alone together Your code ill break, you made your last mistake Called out cold war Remnants now on the floor This is Russian radio here Calling you to come back home This is . . .

GLM  - Altar Boys

Words and Music by Mike StandJimmy was always runningRunning from the evil that he'd doneUntil one day thay caught up.Right before they locked old Jimmy upI said Hey Jimmy, what will you do?You've got to pay for what you . . .
Altar Boys  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Global Breakdown  - Jason Nelson

In the falloutIn the rubbleIn the burning streetsLike a cometThrough the HubbleWe magnify the heatAnd then hit repeatCHORUS:When worlds collideAnd turns to dustIt's you I trust in a global breakdownAll the world will fe . . .
Jason Nelson  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Gloria  - DC Talk

Angels we have heard on highSweetly singing o'er the plainsAnd the mountains in replyEchoing their joyous strainsShepherds, why this jubilee?Why your joyous strains prolong?What the gladsome tidings beWhich inspire your . . .
DC Talk   |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Gloria  - Deitrick Haddon

I wish I could crash like the waves Or turn like the autumn leaves In effort to praise you I wish I could smell like the forest The fragrance lifting a mighty Chorus In effort to praise you In effort to praise you CHORU . . .
Deitrick Haddon  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Gloria  - Smalltown Poets

Singing GloriaLiving GloriaAnd the light so shines that everyone will seeGlory to God!I want to make what I've been feeling so.I've been living with,Specific boundary lines,And given warning signs.It comes down to me!Sin . . .
Smalltown Poets  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Gloria All God's Children  - Galactic Cowboys

Gloria, Gloria We all walk the same earth We all breathe the same air We all feel the same rain that falls Every knee will bow down Every tongue will say out loud That you're the King and the Maker of all All God's child . . .

Gloria/Us Appearing  - Acceptance

Cold and wired I've been fine Everything you said to me goes well Everything you said that you said Said you see right through me Could be pulling you to me Nothing seems to be working Throwing on my intentions on the... . . .
Acceptance  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Gloriana  - ProtoKaw

Well it just isn't right, to give in to the nightthough your heart wants to flee by all reasonwhen you look all around, every sight every soundwould appear they are finally in seasonI can't believe what I see that I know . . .
ProtoKaw  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Glorietta  - Mourning September

Overnight You take away the weeping,wake me from my sleeping and I greet the morning light.Overwhelmed I turn my face to see you,Once again I'm free to live my Glorietta life.The sun rises on me in the morning without re . . .

Instrumental . . .
Crimson Moonlight  |  View Lyrics

Glorify  - Ever Stays Red

When I walk with You Lord I find my peace of mind And when I walk with You Lord I find my place in life Everyday I will follow after You And when I walk with You Lord My life is filled with love And when I walk with You . . .
Ever Stays Red  |  View Lyrics

Glorify Him  - Clarence Robinson

Glorify Himby Darwin HobbsChorus:Glorify the LordGlorify the LordGlorify the LordMake His praise gloriousGlorify the LordGlorify the LordGlorify the LordMake His praise gloriousGlorious!Verse 1:From every mountainTo ever . . .
Clarence Robinson  |  View Lyrics

Glorify The Son  - Rock and Roll Worship Circus

There wasn't any easier way Except for You to overcome the grave To descend and look death in the face Overwhelming it so You could save The man in all his sinful parades Freeing all the captives and the slaves Lifting u . . .

Glorify Your Name  - Hezekiah Walker

Your presence, your glory, you’re welcome inAll honour, dominion Lord please come, nearWe want you, we need youWe live to glorifyYour nameChorus:Glorify, your nameGlorify, your nameGlorify, your name, above all namesG . . .
Hezekiah Walker  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

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